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Beijing Investment Guide

Beijing Investment Service Organizations

Beijing Investment Service Center

Beijing Investment Service Center is the only organization authorized by the Beijing Municipal Government to serve investors of both Chinese and foreign business.

Business Scope:

(1 ) Providing advisory

services concerning establishment of enterprises with foreign investment; Drafting the project proposals, the feasibility studied and such relevant legal document as contract and articles of association; and handling the complete formalities of application and approval concerned; Offering investment information and introducing investment opportunities and cooperative partners for investors.

(2) Handling the complete formalities of application and approval for foreign companies to set up the representative offices in Beijing.

(3) Conducting special and comprehensive studies concerning industries, markets and bank reference for the foreign companies, enterprises and the other economic organizations in the outside of China; Offering services of audit calculation of asset and verification of capital.

(4) As the department in charge of foreign capital enterprises in Beijing, keeping personnel file, conducting the formalities of insurance and going aboard evaluating professional title for Chinese employees of foreign-capital enterprises; assisting to obtain office and residential building for foreign-capital enterprises.

(5) Serving as agents entrusted by clients in litigation or arbitration, providing legal assistance in negotiations and assuming legal advisors to enterprises and institutions and banding liquidation enterprises with foreign capital.

(6) Organizing foreign economic and technical exchanges, economic talks, seminars and exhibitions at home and abroad.

(7) Organizing the training course for the Chinese senior administrators and professional personnel of foreign-capital enterprises

(8) Drawing up and offering publicity materials and collection of laws and regulations concerning foreign investment.

(9) Undertaking the other business concerning the requirement of the investors from both home and aboard and the foreign capital enterprises.

7th floor, Test Building, No. 31 Bei San Huan Zhong Lu, Hai Dian District, Beijing, 100088
62353745, 62356014, 62356014, 62353745
2A Bai Wan Zhuang St.,
Xicheng District, Beijing, 100037
68325014, 68315349, 68315343

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade -- Beijing Sub-council
China Chamber of Commerce Beijing Chamber of Commerce/World Trade Center Beijing

Founded in August, 1978, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council (CCPIT Beijing) or China Chamber of Commerce Beijing Chamber of Commerce (CCOC Beijing) is a local non-governmental organization composed of social dignitaries, influential enterprises and organizations of the economic and trade circles in Beijing. In 1987, in cooperation with Beijing municipal departments, import and export corporations and some leading industrial and commercial enterprises in Beijing, CCPIT Beijing set up World Trade Center Beijing and became a member of World Trade Center Association (WTCA).

The Businesses of CCPIT Beijing include:

1. Handle liaison work

A. To handle liaison work with foreign chambers of commerce and industry around the world. CCPIT Beijing has established friendly and cooperative ties with foreign chambers of commerce and industry, and with trade promotion organizations in about 40 countries and regions;
B. To keep contacts with the commercial sections of foreignembassies in Beijing and with the Beijing offices of foreign commercial organizations;
C. To strengthen ties with the overseas commercial sections of Chinese embassies;
D. To invite and hose foreign business delegations and personnel as well as to arrange and host Sino-foreign business discussions for cooperations and business exchanges;
E. To organize the members of World Trade Center Beijing to participate in WTCA activities, and to maintain contacts with more than 300 local world trade centers in China and to provide economic and trade information in order to promote inter-city economic-trade exchanges and cooperation.

General Manager's Office of World
Trade Center Beijing 65125170
Liaison Department
65125176, 65125165

2. Organize international exhibitions

A. To host and stage international exhibitions in China;
B. To stage exhibitions abroad or participate in international fairs.

Exhibition Department--Beijing Exhibition Center
65125168, 65125184, 65125185, 65125178
65125183, 65242955, 65242944

3. Rendering information and consultation services

A. to collect international economic information about trade and joint venture opportunities from more than 200 cities all over the world and provide the clients through network, mail post and data floppy disks;
B. To act upon entrustment to conduct credit investigation of foreign companies, to press for payment of debt for domestic companies;
C. To offer inquiry service concerning Sino-foreign enterprises and overseas trade directories through network system;
D. To provide departments concerned with material on foreign politics, economies, cultures and other background information.

Information Department--Beijing International Economic and Trade Information Center
65914330, 65914332 65914341
78 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District (to the east of Great Wall Sheraton Hotel) 100026

4. Performing International Trade and Investment

A. To organize and host Sino-foreign business discussions both at home and abroad, and arrange business visits;
B. To render intermediary service concerning international trade;
C. To render intermediary service concerning international investment projects;
D. To render "full service" with regard to investment projects (including seeking cooperative partners, conducting assessment and feasibility studies, working our project proposals, feasibility analysis report and decision-making proposals, etc.)
E. To render intermediary services to local international chambers of commerce and CCPIT local councils at district and county level and more than 1,000 member units for the purpose of promoting international trade and economic and technical cooperations.

Investment and Trade Development Department-Beijing International Investment and Trade Development Center
65125172, 65126179, 65914248
Membership Affairs Department:

5. Legal consultation and services

A. To provide legal consultation to import-export enterprises;
B. To act upon entrustment and serve as legal advisors for enterprise;
C. To provide the following commercial documents or bills;

  • a. Issuing Certificates of Origin;
  • b. Issuing Certificates of Processing and Certificates of Re-export;
  • c. Legalizing foreign-trade documents;
  • d. Issuing Certificates for Foreign Trade;
  • e. Agency Business for Application of Consular Legalization;
D. To act upon entrustment as agent for trade registrations;

E. To act upon entrustment as agent for patent applications and to offer consultation about industrial property rights;

F. To solve disputes concerning international economic and trade transactions by means of conciliation.

Department of Legal Affairs
Certification and Legalization Office

Capital Conciliation Center of CCPIT

China Chamber of Commerce
Beijing Chamber of Commerce
World Trade Center Beijing
4/F, 2nd Central Building Hualong Street, Nanheyan,
Dongcheng District, Beijing
Post Code: 100006
0086-10-65125175, 65125176, 65125164

Beijing Certified Public Accountants

Beijing Certified Public Accountants (BCPA), the first of its kind in Beijing, is an intermediary organization engaging in social auditing and accounting consultation and accounting services; it was established in 1981 with the approval of Beijing Municipal People's Government. It is also one of the first group of certified public accountants to engage in securities related business and assets valuation approved by the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It is also the first local certified public accountants qualified to establish offices of Chinese-foreign contractual certified public accountants with international accounting firms with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Beijing Municipal people's Government. Since its establishment, BCPA has consistently adhered to the principle of "clients are supreme, reputation is first" and enjoyed good reputation among its Chinese and foreign clients.

BCPA has the following departments: The First, Second, Third and Fourth International Department, Domestic Department, Share-holding Business Department, Assets Valuation Department, Economic and Technical Consultation Department, Technical Standards Department, Computer Department and Training Department. BCPA has many experts with special knowledge in inance, taxation, accounting, banking trade, economic management and engineering and technology. BCPA(including its branches) has more than 300 staff members; among them, there are nearly 200 CPAs and close to 20 CPAs with professional qualifications to handle securities business. With their rich professional experience and profound specialized knowledge, its CPAs devote their efforts to provide independent, impartial, objective and authoritative service for the clients so as to uphold public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

The main scope of BCPA's business Entrusted by the Chinese-foreign joint ventures, the Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures, the foreign capital enterprises and other foreign economic organizations, big and medium sized state enterprises, share-holding companies with limited liability and companies with limited liability, to prepare feasibility's study and analysis for investment and development projects of enterprises; to undertake assets valuation; to verify the capital of enterprises; to formulate accounting systems; to design computerized program for accounting; to keep accounts for clients; to offer consultation service and prepare tax returns for clients; to audit accounting statements for enterprises; to audit statements of securities business; to undertake the auditing work of enterprises in their merger, separation and liquidation; to do the required auditing when the legal representative of an enterprise leaves his /her post; to serve as the standing accounting advisers for enterprises; to help draft contracts, articles of association and economic documents; to prepare analysis of economic activities and forecast of operating activities; to train accounting financial management personnel and to examine evidences in economic cases, etc. By offering high efficiency, fine quality and comprehensive service and outstanding performance BCPA has gained the confidence o its clients and established good and stable and 3,000 clients.

BCPA make big efforts to cooperate and make exchanges with international accounting firms. It has established Grant Thornton Beijing Certified Public Accountants, a Chinese foreign contractual joint venture, with Grant Thornton Accountants Inc. It also has successively signed business co-operation agreements and letters of intent with such international accounting companies as Peat Marwick Mitchell Arthur Andersen, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and Price Waterhouse, and Chuo Shinko Audit Corporation of Japan. The two sides concerned agree to introduce clients to each other, to undertake joint auditing and work, and on a mutual basis to hold business lectures, reports and seminars as well as to train personnel specialized in accounting, auditing, taxation and management consultation. It also completed successfully cooperation in business and materials exchange and mutual exchange of staff members for studies with accounting firms in Britain, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and established a representative office in Hong Kong 1994.

5th floor, CVIK Plaza, No. 22
Jianguomenwai Street, Beijing, 100004
65227521, 65227601, 65227521
Beijing Tianzhong Law Firm

Beijing Tianzhong Law Firm was established in 1985. It is composed of several working departments including the Items Department, Enterprise Liquidation Department, International Business Arbitration Department, Litigation Department, Real Estate Department and Administrative Department.

The business scope of this law firm includes: the providing of legal services for international companies, groups, investment individuals (including those from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) who have investment and trade in China; the working as an agent in the settlement of trademark disputes; working in dissolution and liquidation for the foreign investment enterprises; working as agents in the arbitration and litigation for the adjustment and restructure of the company's property right; assignment and auction of the company's property right, purchase annexation, merger and separation of the company, assignment of the stocks and shares of the company, economic and trade affairs, and investment disputes.

Since the establishment of this law firm, it has provided high-quality legal services for many internationally famous companies and commercial societies who have investment in China, by taking part in the preparation of important documentation such as draft contracts, articles of association and other important legal documents; handling the legal affairs occurred in relation of staying in Beijing; dealing with the arbitration cases of international commercial and investment disputes and undertaking dissolution and liquidation for the foreign investment enterprises.

This law firm has made frequently exchanges with the experts and scholars who are famous in the field of law, foreign economics and trade, international arbitration, litigation, and real estate, and stablished long-term and stable contacts with many law firms in Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Singapore etc., in the meantime they have made frequent interflow and exchanges on business and personnel.

No. 216, Chaonei St., Chaoyang
District, Beijing, 100010
65125652, 65249545, 65249561, 65249543 , 65249541
Beijing Foreign Investment Service Company

Beijing Foreign Investment Service Company(BEFISCO) is a state-owned enterprise directly under the Beijing Foreign Investment Service Center, specializing in providing service for both Chinese and overseas investors and overseas-funded enterprises. With its first class service and unremitting efforts, BEFISCO helps overseas-funded enterprises solve their difficulties in the basic necessities of work and life such as food, clothing, housing and transportation, create a fine environment for investment and render its whole-hearted service for the development of the overseas-funded enterprises.

BEFISCO is your sincere, earnest and ideal service agency.

BEFISCO provides the following major services:

-Provide consulting service and act an agent for the registration of enterprises with Chinese or overseas investment;
-Provide information service and act as an intermediate agency for overseas-funded enterprises in purchasing and leasing factory buildings, work sites, office building and residences;
-Provide various family services and labor services for foreign employees of overseas-funded enterprises such as housemaids, drivers, tutors, chefs and medical and health services;
-Provide intermediate services for overseas-funded enterprises such as sales promotion of their products or selling their products on their behalf;
-Provide overseas-funded enterprises with such services as office commercial work, oral and written translation, printing and binding, ads and billboards, organizing PR parties, tourist trips and cultural entertainment, replace booking tickets of plane, agent air freight, undertaking decoration and fitting-up projects, gardening, real estate management and other necessary services in work and life;
-Provide overseas-funded enterprises with such services as the job service of recruiting and training of people of various specialties and workers including those who come to Beijing from other parts of the country;
-As part of "Window of Beijing Investment", the Hot-line Overseas investment consulting Service Center is Beijing's first special telephone information network, providing free round-the-clock inquiry service for the general public. All you need to do is to dial the number (010)6595558, you may get all the information in the network about overseas-funded enterprises and their products, their need for talents, voice mail service and guidelines for making investment in Beijing;
--Provide overseas-funded enterprises and employees of foreign origins with auto repair and maintenance services and other various repair services.

A-3 Jian Guo Men Wai Street,
Beijing, P. R. China
Zip code: 100020

Beijing Pan Asia Market Research Institute

Beijing Pan-Asia Market Research Institute (PAMRI) is an independently registered consulting company under the administration of the Beijing Economic and Foreign Trade Commission. PAMRI provides market research on industrial items and consumer goods for both foreign and domestic organizations interested in exploring the China market.

PAMRI stands among the pioneers of the Chinese consulting industry. PAMRI has performed over two hundred different market research projects for Sino-foreign clients, including some of the world's largest companies. Some of these clients include America's Kodak, Citibank, Sprint and Motorola; France's Saint-Gobain, Elf Atochem, Landis & Gyr and ING; Germany's GETAS; Japan's JETRO and the Hong Kong Trade Development Company.

PAMRI possesses twelve years of specialized market research experience. PAMRI attained this experience with the help of hired experts on every trade and industry. Astute and capable interviewers from the major cities and regions of China also join PAMRI's ranks.

At all times and places, PAMRI's grasp on market trends elevates investment and management efficiency.

15/F, No. 12 Jianwai St., Beijing, 10002
65045773, 65912347, 65912348

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