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Beijing Investment Guide

Beijing Economic Technological Development Area (BDA)

Founded on August 15, 1991 Beijing Economic Technological Development Area(BDA) is a national top-priority development area approved by the Chinese Central Government. Its first phase is of 15 square kilometers, of which quality infrastructure construction of 3.256 sq. km. has now been completed with well equipped conditions so called clear and open in seven aspects with graded site, namely, supply of water electricity, natural gas, heat, separate drainage systems for waste water and rainfall, and reasonably leveled site.

Ever since our first promotional activity started on November 18, 1992, good number of multinational companies from the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and other parts of the world have invested in BDA.

Strategic Location

The BDA lies with its back on the city proper of Beijing, faces the Bohai Sea and neighbors the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, 90-minute drive to Xinggang Port, Tianjin, Nanyuan Domestic Airport is 8 Km away to the west. It is 30-minute drive to the Capital International Airport, 15-minute drive to Beijing Freight Railroad Station to the north, and 20-minute drive along the Third Ring Road westward to the Beijing Western Passenger Railroad Station, the largest in the country, 10 minute drive to the city proper and the light rail public transit system linking BDA and downtown Beijing has been listed in the Capital Development Program Year 2000. BDA is the hub of communications linking Beijing, Tianjin, and Tanggu in terms of transportation network leading to all directions by means of air, land, and sea. On the east side of BDA is the International Container Transit Station and with the Beijing International Goods Circulation Center, Customs House, Commodity Inspection Bureau on the north side. BDA will be more functionable with its bounded whorehouses and other facilities to be built.

Scientific Planning

BDA first phase development is 15 sq. km.. Expressway on its east side, River Liangshui on its west, golf courses are situated on both sides of east and north. The whole area is surrounded by greenbelt. The industrial area with advanced facilities, on the east part adjacent to the expressway, intakes projects of technology-intensive with high added value, less energy consumption and environmental friendly. West part is our quality residential area. On both sides of the axis road are multi-functional public buildings which consist of Financial Center, WTC, Science & Technology Research Center, Administration Center, Shopping Mall, and hotels, office buildings and Sports & Culture Center, etc.

Perfect Infrastructure

BDA is equipped with advanced facilities for international telecom, water, electricity, natural gas, steam, heat, and separate drainage systems for sewage and rainfall. The industrial area is generally divided by street blocks of 400m x 400m, BDA investors can obtain the supply of what they need from each by only connecting their own installments to the underground mains nearby. You can put it into production immediately after your plant constructions is completed.

Excellent Geological Location

It is proved by prospecting that the rise and fall of the bedrock ground is smooth and steady, there exists no fault, and suitable for industrial purposes, civil high-rises and public facilities.

Quality and Efficient Service

BDA Administrative Commission is authorized to carry out the unified leadership and administration on behalf of the People's Government of Beijing, BDA provides "one stop" service with all branches set up by banks, Industrial & Commercial Administration, Tax Administration, Security Administration, Telecom Administration, Electricity Supply Administration, Water Supply Administration, and Steam Supply Administration, etc..

In order to improve the investment environment and service efficiency, our Department of Investment & Promotion is solely responsible handling the work from accepting project proposal to signing land contract, plant transfer and / or lease contract, equity JV and / or contractual JV contract, providing you with the "One Window" service. Our Foreign Investment Service Center is always ready to be entrusted to handle for you all the procedures from project proposal to business license. BDA also provide our clients with facilities of standard industrial plant and office space, villa, apartment, and comprehensive services for storage, transportation, labor force, living, education, culture, commerce and etc..

Investment Orientation and Priority

Investors are encouraged in BDA to invest, by means of wholly- foreign funded, equity joint venture, contractual joint venture, in industry, infrastructure, science and technology encouraged in investment in developing industrial and/or science and technology parks and/or in joint development of residential areas. Investment in new and hi-tech enterprises and export-oriented, foreign exchange earning enterprises with better economic, social and environmental profits, articularly the quality and brand products that are in line with the characteristics of the Beijing and are compatible with the status of the capital, are highly encouraged in BDA.

Land Policy

Investors can obtain the land- use-right through signing with Beijing Economic-Technological Investment & Development Corporation (BETIDC). Sole Foreign Proprietorship (SFP), hereinafter referred to as the Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIE), shall pay their reduced Enterprise Income Tax (EIT) at the preferential rate of 15%(fifteen percent). For those with business operational term not less than 10(ten) years shall have, upon their applications approved by the BDA Tax Administration, two-year tax holiday and ensuing three-year half-reduction starting from their first profit-making year.

Upon the termination of your preferential period of two-year EIT holiday and three-year half-cut, for those who are Export-Oriented Enterprises(EOE) and whose annual export value is of 70% of their annual total production output value of the same year, they shall pay their EIT at the preferential rate of 10%(ten percent); and for those who are still examined and approved as Enterprises of Advanced Technology(EAT), they can enjoy the extension of next three years paying their EIT also at the preferential rate of 10%(ten percent).

Grand Prospects

The establishment of BDA is a trans-century project and a very important policy of Beijing Municipal People's Government implement the decision of accelerating the economic growth and readjustment of overall structure layout of Beijing made by the Central Government. It is not only created favorable conditions for the city's reconstruction, industrial shifting, optimum allocation of resources and restructuring of Beijing, but also provides the State-own enterprises with such important base for their changes, reforms and / or restructuring. Here is a galaxy of multi-national companies and of new and hi-tech enterprises and of science and technology research institutions. It is considered as the hope of the trans-centurial economic soaring and new economic focus of the Capital. BDA will be, by the beginning of the 21st century, a comprehensive, modern and new Beijing Citycovering 80 to 100 sq. km. in area with total population of 400,000 to 500,000 based on new and hitech- oriented industries and export- oriented economy, according to the Beijing Integrated Overall Urban Planing Program approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China

No. 4 Wanyuan Street, Beijing
Economic Technological
Development Area, Beijing, 100076
67681240, 67681209,
67681107, 67681457

A Rapidly Developing Science Park-Beijing Experimental Zone for the Development of New Technology Industries (BEZ)

Beijing Experimental Zone for the Development of New Technology Industries (BEZ), the first national high & new technology industry development zone in China, was established at the approval of the State Council in May, 1988. It is located in the northwest suburb of Beijing with an area of 100 square kilometers. Here are concentrated 138 scientific research institutes and 50 institutions of high learning which have made it a comprehensive intelligence-intensive area. Zhongguancun, the well-known "Science City", is situated in the center region of BEZ.

Since the founding of BEZ, by making-full use of the national preferential policies and giving full play to the intelligence-intensive superiority, BEZ has gradually set up the operating system adapting to the operating law of market economy, fitting in with the development requirements of high & new technology industries and conforming to the international practice, and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefit.

Up to now, there are 4438 new technology enterprises including 1035 foreign invested enterprises, and 6500 items of new technologies and new products. Represented by STONE, FOUNDER and LEGEND Groups, a batch of new technology industrial groups with fairly large scale and strength, such as "the first twenty strong enterprises" and "the first fifty excellent enterprises", have become the prop of BEZ. After eight years, BEZ has accumulated a total income of 59.66 billion Yuan from technology, industry and trade, and a gross output value of industrial products of 22.63 billion Yuan, and has turned over tax of 2.215 billion Yuan and realized an export volume of $652 million. The annual growth rates of all the above economic targets are always kept above 40%. At present, the leading-industry structure of BEZ shows as follows:

electronic information industry making up 47.9%, optics-machinery-electronics integrated industry 20.1%,
new materials, new energy resources and environmental science 13.1%,
new medicines, life science and biomedical engineering 6.1%,
and others 12.8%.

In order to speed up the development of BEZ, Shangdi information Industry Base was initially constructed in October, 1991, which mainly engages in electronic information industry and combined R&D, development, production, business training and services together.

BEZ developing rapidly will grow into the production and export base of Beijing high & new technology products, the radiant source of diffusing high & new technologies to traditional industries and enterprises outside BEZ, the collection and distribution base of high & new technology products which will exert it influence in the world, the window of the reforming and opening to the outside world of China, and the testing field of restructuring market economy systems. The Office of Beijing Experimental Zone for the Development of New Technology Industries

No. I Haidian Street. Beijing,
Shangdi Information Industry Base

Beijing Shangdi Information Industry Base was set up in 1991 with the approval of the State Science & Technology Commission and the Beijing Municipal Government. It is the first comprehensive high-tech industrial area in China that focuses on electronic informationindustry, dealing with scientific research, development, production, management, training and service.

The base occupies an area of 180 hectares. The environment is excellent. The base is adjacent to Zhongguancun, which is an intellectually-intensive area in China. There are more than 50 key universities and colleges in this area, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, and 138 scientific research institutes including the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The base is situated in a famous cultural and tourist area. Around the base are many will- known scenic spots and historical sites, such as the Summer Palace, the Yuan Ming Yuan and Fragrant Hills. Located upwind of Beijing and on the upper reaches of rivers, the base has fresh air and clean water. The traffic and transportation is very convenient. It is 2 km to the Jing-chang Expressway. Beijing International Airport is within 45 minutes drive. The municipal infrastructure facilities in the base have all been finished. So called 8 pipelines systems plus flat ground have been completed. The residential quarter, primary and high school, kindergarten, bank, commercial center, heat supply station, transformer substation, and Shangdi telephone exchange have all been put into operation.

The number of enterprises in the base increased to 85, including 38 joint-ventures with foreign investment by the end of 1995. Chinese famous high-tech enterprises as LEGEND, FOUNDER, STONE and RAINBOW have already entered the base. Such multinational enterprises as Novo Nordisk(Denmark), IBM(USA) and FANUC(Japan) have also entered the base one after another.

STRONG, as the constructor and developer of Beijing Shangdi Information Industry Base, welcomes the domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in the base, through buying the use right of the land, workshops, commercial buildings or co-operation kin high- tech industrial projects. STRONG will provide excellent facilities and high quality services for the enterprises. STRONG wishes to work together with the enterprises to open up and develop China's high-tech industries.

No. l Haidian Street, Beijing, 100080
62541695, 62570942

Fengtai Development Zone

The area with preferential policies is 50 square kilometers, which including 5.1 square kilometers serves as industrial base named the "Beijing Fengtai Science City". The first area is 1.24 square kilometers, the land have completed ground leveling and connected with water, gas, road traffic, power supply and heat supply. We will develop high-new technology industries emphatically on: Biological engineering. Technologies in applied aeronautics and astronauts. Electronics information. The integration of light, mechanic power and electricity-their technologies, new materials, new sources, new technology used in environmental science.

A-13, Fengtai North Street,
Beijing, 100071
63816081, 63825607

Changping Garden of Beijing Technological Experimental District

Approved land area totals 40 square kilometers with the first phase of 1.7 square kilometers. Key target industries are electronics, information, machinery, chemical, medicine, biology and new energy.

Address: Changping Bicycle Range.
Beijing, 102200
69744S27, 69744532

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