Gen.Manager:  Zhou Minchen Postcode:  100027
Vice Gen.Manager:  Sun Zhenchi,Yang Add:  6-11th Floor,Jing Xin Bldg. 2A,Dong
Maorong.,Liu Fuchun, Zheng San Huan Bei Lu Beijing, China
Chongxiang, Wang Baochen, Sun Fax:  (010)4660636
Zhongren,Xue Guoping, Wang Yawen Day of Set up:  Sept.1952
Tel of G.M.:4660686 Staff:  653
Tel of Business:  4660636
SURVEY Extablished in 1952, China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corporation( abbreviated as COFCO) has experienced 42 years of development and its overall trade value has reached 120 billion U.S. dollars. In 1994, its business turnover exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars with 3. 7 billion U. S. dollars of import and export trade and 6.2 billion of overseas subsidaries. COFCO has made new achievemets on its way towards an industralized, transnational conglomerate.

In terms of industralization, COFCO has invested into 222 industrial projects which ranged from planting, cultivation and food -processing to warehouse, transportation, port facilities, hotels and real estate, etc.

Regarding its goal of transnationalization, COFCO has successively set up 14 overseas full-ownership subsidaries, 6 representative offices and several joint-venture and co-operative enterprises. Its business scope has been broadened to barter trade, entrepot, futures, plantation , transportation and real estate.

COFCO organized "COFCO Group" of 184 members in which COFCO plays as a core. All members of the group has cooperated well with each other in the fields of trade, production, captial, service industry and technical innovation. This has enabled them to play an increasingly important role in China's grains, oils & foodstuffs trade.

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