Gen.Manager:  Tong Changyin Postcode:  100081
Vice Gen.Manager:   Add:  21, Xi San Huan BeiLu, Beijing
Tel of G.M:  8404106 Fax:  8414877
Tel of Business:  8404674 Day of Set up:  1952
Telex:  8404123 Staff:  1039
SURVEY China National Technical Import & Export Corporation(CNTIC) is a state-owned foreign trade corporation, specialized in import and export of technologies and complete sets of equipment. Ever since its founding 43 years ago, CNTIC has concluded 2600 projects with a total contractual value of 60 billion US dollars. In recent years, its export has witnessed successive growth. It ranked the 3rd on the List of the 500 largest import and export corporations in China in 1994.

Its business scope includes:import and export of technologies, complete set of equipment, production lines, spare parts and components , mechanical and electrical products and instruments; undertaking barter trade, entrepot trade, foreign trade consultancy joint ventures, etc. . It also deals in domestic products, real estate, etc.

CNTIC has made great achievements in conglomeration, internationalization, industrialization and diversified operations in recent years. It has 6 business divisions and 8 subsidary companies in Beijing, 14 subsidary companies in the provinces in the provinces, and 37 representative offices, wholly-owned companies and joint ventures abroad.

With CNTIC as the core enterprise, CNTIC Group consists of 138 local and foreign organizations, integrating the import and export of technologies, commodity trade, technology development, design and research, project contracting, equipment manufacture, products production, finance, investment, trust and leasing business into one complex. It is now buliding itself into a comprehensive corporation.

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