Chitin, chemical name as 2-acetylamino--1,4 glucose polymer with a molecular formula: C8H12NO5, chemical formula is:

Chitin is a kind of polyglucosamide extracted from shells of crustacean and cell walls of fungus. It is one of the richest natural macromolecular compound on the earth. It is biodegreeable, without poison and possesses well biocompatibility.

At present, chitin is mainly extracted from shells of shrimps and crabs. Chitin possesses special character and usage after modification such as modified as sulphonation, carboxymethylation, deacetylation etc. The derivatives are widely used in the fields of chemical industry, medicine, food, cosmetics, printing and dyeing, papermaking, environmental protection and agriculture etc.

Chitin is the basic raw material in producing each kind of derivative products of chitosan, N-acetyl-glucosamide, D-glucosamide, D-glucosamidehydrochloride, chitin-oligosaccharide, chitooligosaccharide etc. and is widely used in very kind of field.

At present,we can supply the following specifications: 
1.Appearance: light yellow flakes   
 Moisture: 12%     
 Ash: 1%  
2.Appearance: light yellow flakes    
 Moisture: 12%    
 Ash: 2%   
3.Appearance: light yellow to light brown flakes    
 Moisture: 12%    
 Ash: 4%   
4. Appearance: light brown flakes.    
 Moisture: 12%    
 Ash: 8%    

 Package: 25kg/bag   
 Packing size: 80cm50cm40cm /bag    
We can also supply different specifications according the requirement of different customers.