Chitooligosaccharide is water soluble chitosan. Its chemical name is: 2-mino--1,4-glucose polymer and molecular formula is: (C6H11O4N)nIts chemical formula is:

Chitooligosaccharide is a kind of oligosaccharide which is made from chitin or chitosan by chemical or enzymatic decomposing method. With its exlellent physiological activity and function it has wide usage.

In medicine, chitooligosaccharide has physiological functions in various respects. Especially for the hexasaccharide, it can be used as medicine for treating cancer in its early stage by controlling the producing of inner wall of tumor blood capillaries. In result, the tumor blood capillaries are controlled in limited areas.

In health food, the disaccharide and trisaccharide has various functions as recuperating blood pressure, reducing cholosterol, increasing immunity and improving water retention of food.

In agriculture, it can be used as adjusting agent for plant growing and new biological pesticide. Tetrasaccharide, pentasaccharide and hexasaccharide of chitooligosaccharide has outstanding function in anti-plant diseases and promoting growing.

It can also be used as cosmetics material as it has antiageing, whitening and moisturing function.

Our company can provide the following main specifications:
l Appearance: Yellow or light brown powder
l Molecular weight: 5000
l Deacetylation:70%
l PH: 4.0~5.0