Chtiosan is also known as soluble chitin. Chemical name is 2-amino-molecular formula is (C6H11O4N)n, chemical formula is:
Chitosan is the only natural positive ion polysaccharide obtained from deacetylated chitin. It has decomposability, good membrane forming state, biocompatibility, antifungal and antitumour function. Chitosan enjoys high reputation as a kind of multipolysaccharide.

In medicine, with its membrane, absorbability and antibacterial function chitosan can be used to make artifical skin and blood vessel, surgical suture, and to be used as haemostatic, wound cut heal agent, antitumour agent, immunity promoter, anti-cholesterol agent, artificial kidney, detoxicate adsorbent, super-filter membrane of de-endote. As medicine subsidiary material, it has excellent viscidity, compressibility, fluidity, disintegration ability. It can be also used in relieving agent and stomach floating pieces.

In food industry, it can be used as stabilizer and thickener. Its function is better than microcrystalline fibre. It can be used as freshness preserver, cleaner, health food additives.

In daily use chemical industry, it can be used as hair fixer and hair conditioner and necessary subsidiary material of the patternizer, color fixer, adhesive and stabilizer in plastic industry, textile industry, dyeing industry, color film industry etc..

In environment protection, it can be used as active mud coagulant, adhesive, adsorbent of the heavy metal ion and organic compound.

In agriculture, it can be used as seed coating and plant antibacterial.

In biological technology, it is a good carrier of enzyme, antigen and antibody. It can be used in fixed cell or enzyme carrier etc..

Especially in recent years, more and more studies and applications of the chitosan are being applied in medicine. with the development of the high polymer science and biological engineering. Chitosan is regarded as the sixth important life essential of human body.

At present, we can supply the following specifications:
l Aappearance: Light yellow flake or white powder
l Moisture: 10%
l Ash: 1%
l Viscosity: 20~300cps (0.5% chitosan soluble in 0.5% acetic acid, 20)
l Deacetylation: 75%~95%
l Particle size: 5mesh  40mesh  60mesh  80mesh 100mesh 120mesh 200mesh

Our company can meet the requirement of customers to provid various specifications and quality (for example, heavy metal, microbe, bulk density etc.).