The following table of contents shows the outline of a typical industrial sector report
based on China's Third National Industry Survey.

1. General Presentation of China's Industry Economy
2. The Industry Sector in Brief Review
3. The Analysis Proper
3.1 Brief Introduction
3.2 Regional Distribution
3.3 The Developments in 1995
3.4 Performance Comparison Between Enterprises of Different Ownership
3.5 Performance Comparison Between Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
3.6 Performance Comparison Between Enterprises with Different Ages
3.7 Performance Comparison Between Enterprises in Different Regions
3.8 Cost Analysis
3.9 Labour Force Analysis
3.10 Enterprises with Foreign Investment
3.11 Non-State-Owned Enterprises with Over One Million Annual Sales
3.12 Top Ten
3.12.1 Top 10 Enterprises in terms of Sales Value
3.12.2 Top 10 Enterprises with Foreign Investment
3.12.3 Top 10 Enterprises in terms of Total Assets
3.12.4 Top 10 Enterprises in terms of Total Profits
3.12.5 Top 10 Enterprises in terms of Net Equity
3.12.6 Top 10 Enterprises in terms of Taxes Paid
3.12.7 Top 10 Enterprises in terms of Product Output
4. Additional Information on Top 10 Enterprises in Sales Value

1. Financial Indexes of All Types of Enterprises in the Industrial Sector;
2. Products Relating to the Industrial Sector;
3. Production Capacity of Related Products.