Business Liaison Services

Companies without prior experience in China will be unable to enter the market without proper business connections.

Xindeco enjoys favorable business relations with numerous well-established companies throughout China, and can help introduce your company to those individuals, organizations, and corporations whose interests, talents, and needs are best suited to your planned venture.

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China Company Registration
Your business can not commence operations in China until it has been officially registered and approved by the Chinese government. Activities that can only be carried out by registered companies include the following: employing Chinese nationals, opening a bank account, obtaining telephone lines, advertising and obtaining a multiple-entry commercial visa.

ChinaVista Business Center can help get your company registered quickly and easily. Contact for details.

Document Translation Services

After experiencing the high quality English writing in ChinaVista, most visitors are surprised to learn that the site is maintained in China by Chinese natives.

Rates (US$)
General:$150/1000 wds
Specialized: $200 /1000 wds
General:$60/1000 wds
Specialized: $100 /1000 wds

Our staff can perform a number of translation services directly over the Internet, including complete web site translation -- English to Chinese and Chinese to English .

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Company Background Information

Looking for a comprehensive list of all television manufacturers in China? The names and fax numbers of 50 Chinese purchasing managers looking to import microprocessors? Xindeco's business research team has access to a full range of electronic and traditional data sources and can accommodate even the most specialized request for company information.

Cost: 10-20 US$ per company, depending upon level of detail.
Turnaround: 3-6 business days, depending upon level of detail.

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