The following four consumer behavior and advertising databases are provided in partnership with Beijing JinLue Information Consulting Ltd. Submit your queries using the query forms and we will e-mail you back with a price quote and expected turnaround time.

Urban Consumer Behavior TV Advertising
Consumer behavior of China urban citizens in 33 major cities.

Analysis includes: Consumer Psychology, Consumer Trends, Decision Progress of Purchase, Media Influence, Preferred Product Brands. Also, consumer attitudes toward the following products: Food, beverages, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo & hair conditioners, beer, wine &liquor, cosmetics, instant noodles, healthcare products.

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Explores the different effects of TV commercials of over 139 television stations in China's 32 major cities. Includes:
  1. Name of the products advertising on these 139 TV channels;
  2. Monitored date;
  3. Issued date and time covered;
  4. Between which program;
  5. Share of the whole advertising;
  6. Statistic and analysis report upon month, quarter and year.
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Chinese Income & Expenditure Newspaper Advertising

China urban family size, household facilities, income and expenditure structure.

Database includes the following items:

-- household monthly expenditure, household monthly income, household members, household structure, age of household member, members with salary in household, profession, education level, life expectation, age, sex, marriage status

-- house ownership, house area, gas supply in house, house type, number of rooms, bath and sanitary facilities.

-- Life satisfaction ratings: kids education, housing, food & drink, hobbies, health, household appliances, job, employer, clothing.

-- spare time recreation, books & tv, attitude towards smoking.

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Analysis of any product/service advertising and new policy/law issued in the major 400 newspapers and magazines in China.

Analysis includes:

  1. Name of the monitored products or policies;
  2. Issued date and media.
  3. Detailed product/policy information in each newspaper and magazine;
  4. Compare the difference of the same product/policy among each media;
  5. Offer comprehensive analysis report of the product and policy;
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