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Industry Sector Reports
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China National Industry Survey is recognized as the nation's most comprehensive and authoritative industry survey. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, there have been altogether three national industry surveys. The third and latest survey was jointly conducted in 1995 by all the ministries of the State Council. Under the authorization of the State Statistics Bureau, China Statistics Consultants (Beijing) Limited compiled a series of analytical reports of China's 320 industry sectors. These reports have been shown to be of great value to domestic and international enterprises and investors, dramatically reducing the intrinsic uncertainties of investment and greatly increasing the precision of decision-making.

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Sci-Tech CD ROMS

Who's Who in China Science & Technology ($100)
China's 4000 most prominent academicians, scientists, and engineers. Includes academic, scientific and management achievements, awards received, important articles and publications, contact information. Published March, 1996

China's Research and Development Institutes ($200)
China's 8000 prestigious research and development Institutes and key labs. Includes patents and research projects, project leaders, and contact information.


Custom Market Surveys & Research Studies

As the business environment in China is constantly changing, ready-made reports, no matter how up-to-date, can not match the value of custom market surveys. ChinaVista's experienced consultants, utilizing their vast network of nationwide strategic partnerships and state-of-the-art information gathering technologies, can provide you with the specific intelligence you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

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China Securities Market Analyses

China's two mainland stock markets, in Shanghai and Shenzhen, have maintained impressive growth numbers over the past two years. Those willing to shoulder the higher risk associated with securities have been amply rewarded by annual returns exceeding 30%. The foreign investor considering investments in Shenzhen or Shanghai stocks needs consistent, reliable analytical data concerning China's public companies and trends in the market. In cooperation with China's major securities firms, ChinaVista offers securites investment consulting on both A and B shares and mutual funds.

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Companies & Products CD ROM

China's 150 thousand enterprises, companies, and products. Each company listing includes core product specifications, major financial indexes, market share estimates, and contact information. Data collected over ten-year period from 1988 to mid 1997.

Price: $500 US

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