ChinaVista Online Business Services: Partners
China Legal Consultancy Center

A national non-government legal consulting institution sponsored by the China National Legal Association, the China Legal Consultancy Center offers the following legal services:
1) Legal consulting on China's macro economy developments for the Central Government;
2) Full legal services for local governments, domestic companies and organizations;
3) China-related legal consulting for foreigners and companies with foreign investment ;
4) Mutual exchange with international law firms and legal consulting companies.

China Statistical Information Consulting Center

A department directly under the China State Statistics Bureau, China Statistics Information Consulting Center provides customers with bilingual statistical data, ready-made and customized research reports on China's macro and micro economies and a wide range of industrial sectors. The center has access to both traditional and electronic data sources and is able to process these data using modern statistical analysis models. In addition to providing China economy, industry, market and product reports, the center can also design statistical survey models, statistical index and calculation methods and develop statistics software for customers.

China Foreign Economic and Trade Consultants Co.

A specialized organization under the China Foreign Economic Cooperation and Trade Ministry, China Foreign Economic and Trade Consultants Co. has been serving domestic and international customers with economic, commerce and trade information consulting. The company has been providing worldwide customers with high quality information consulting on China and international markets, products, bids, consumer goods, laws and regulations, and specialized international trade market reports.

Wanfang Data Corporation

Beijing Wanfang Data Corporation, also known as China Science and Technology Research Institute Wanfang Data Center, is China's first specialized database company. Set up in 1988, the company has been dedicated to the collection, processing and sales of databases covering industrial, trade commercial, scientific and technological fields. Wanfang has firmly established itself as China's leading database development company and serves both domestic and international customers.

Beijing Jinglue Information Consulting Co.

Working closely with China State Statistics Bureau Urban Social and Economic Investigation Organization, Beijing Jinglue Information Consulting Co. has more than 8000 professionals in 550 cities to collect and process information for a wide range of economic fields, including macro economy, industrial sectors, China market and products, consumer goods and consumer behavior.

China Statistics Consultants (Beijing) Limited

A state-owned company directly under the State Statistics Bureau, China Statistics Consultants (Beijing) Ltd. provides economic consulting services, including: China macro economic data, investment, market, product and consumer behavior research, and China industrial survey reports.

China National Information Industry Association

China National Information Industry Association is the largest non-government organization in China's information industry field, with branch associations and members in all of China's large and medium-sized cities. The mission of the association is to map out China's information strategy, lay down relevant regulations, sponsor national information industry training courses, and promote international information exchange and cooperation.

Horizon Research Ltd.

A Beijing-based independent research and consulting company, Horizon Research Ltd. is dedicated to providing quality economic policy analysis, market research reports, and business management consulting as well as public opinion on current hot social topics. Horizon is one of China's pioneer public opinion companies and has been recognized for its regularly published and well received public opinion reports.