Brief Introduction to China Legal Consultancy Centre

Founded in Beijing on 17 November, 1984, China Legal Consultancy Centre(CLCC) is a national non-governmental body for legal consulting services. The aim of the CLCC is: To serve the needs of the State for socialist modernization, reform, and opening to the outside world; provide legal consulting services for interested departments, units and citizens in China and abroad; protect the legitimate rights of the clients; and promote the exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries in legal matters, economic affairs and trade.

CLCC has a Board of Directors consisting of well-known legal experts, scholars, professors and lawyers.

The CLCC has engaged over one hundred legal experts, scholars, and professors in China and in the Hongkong and Macao Regions to act as its legal consultants. It has also handled various legal matters in close cooperation with Tianping Law office.

The services of the CLCC cover the fields of finance, securities, company reform and assets reorganization, foreign investment, real estate, intellectual property, technology transfer, taxation, custom, trust, insurance, foreign exchange. The business scope of the CLCC is as follows:

  1. Offering legal consultation from an overall standpoint to relevant departments under the central government;
  2. Offering consulting services to government organizations, corporations, enterprises, institutions, social bodies and citizens on foreign related legal matters and economic legal matters;
  3. Offering consulting services concerning Chinese legal issues and matters as entrusted by foreign clients;
  4. Exploring and studying issues on legal theory and practice encountered in the course of business. Studying legal developments within and outside China and offering legal information services to relevant departments and units.

In this information-oriented epoch, the CLCC are willing to offer, through more convenient measure, high quality legal services for more and more clients in China and abroad.

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