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MF Securities Ltd, originally the Fujian MF Securities Company (founded in 1988), is one of China's earliest companies authorized to engage in the securities business. Through several capital expansions, the accumulated registered capital of MF Securuties Ltd has reached 109 million RMB by 1996. The company's current total assets are 890 million yuan.

The investment banking activities of MF Securities Ltd include underwriting of debt and equity securities, advising on mergers, acquisitions and company restructuring, and paticipating in project finance and leasing activities. The company's assets management businesses consist of assets and (mutual) fund management; redemption of securities and dividends payment, securities discount and mortgage business; and custody, verification and ownership transfer of securities. Based on its financial expertise and research capabilities, MF Securities Ltd has been conducting profitable sales and trading operations for both the company itself and its clients.

MF Securities Ltd is the member of China's largest stock exchanges and securities centers including Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Tianjin, Wuhan and Southern securities trading centers. To date, the company's nationwide presence includes 15 business departments in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Fujian and 4 representative offices in Beijing, Wuhan, Tianjin and Guangzhou.

By 1997, the company has acted as the leading underwriter, distributor and listing recommender of the A-Share issuance of 10-strong stocks including "Fulian", "Fufa", "Fuyao", "Northeast Medicine", "Jidong Cement", "Fulong Thermodynamic", "Zhonglian Construction", "Shenyang Cheminstry", "Tangshan Iron", and "YongAn Forest".

MF Securities Ltd adheres to the ethic of integrity and excellence.The excellent services of MF Ltd are bulit on a team of dedicated, experienced professionals. The company provides state-of-the-art facilities and creates working environments for its employees to develop their expertise knowledge and potential. MF Securities Ltd is committed to continually serving its clients with respect and value-added investments.

The Legal Person & Board Chairman:  Ma Ling
Vice Chairman:  Wu Yong Hong
General Manager: Huang Yu Lin
Vice General Managers: Wei Qing Hua,  Jia Lu Min, Xu Zhang Xun
Tel: +86-591-3366666
Fax: +86-591-3353804

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