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The China Matrix

December, 1996

The China Matrix is now available in Chinese, both (GB) and (Big5).

Welcome to The China Matrix, a comprehensive electronic resource on the Internet in China, sponsored by ChinaVista. This site contains links to primary and secondary information available via the World Wide Web. Please send additions, corrections and updates to the webmaster.
National NetworksOn-line Data SourcesWebsites
  1. ChinaNet:BTA
  2. ChinaNet:NCFC
  3. CERNet
Network MapsSite Information

National Networks
Matrix Index

Network: ChinaNet:BTA
Purpose: Primary national network. Government, business, and public use.
Primary Nodes:Beijing, Shanghai
Structure: See Network Maps.
Summary:China's newest and most advanced network. Will link government offices, over 360,000 state enterprises in more than 600 cities, and over 8 million other industrial and commercial enterprises.. It's backbone, the Digital Data Network, currently has two links to the global Internet, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. Managed by the Beijing Telecommunications Agency, a branch of the Minstry of Posts and Telecommunications. Has begun offering a wide range of commercial access, including dial-up SLIP accounts for individual access. The network's news server blocks out certain sensitive newsgroups.

Purpose:Scientific communication and research.
Primary Nodes:IHEP,CASnet, PUnet, and TUnet.
Structure: Subnetwork list at NCFC. Also see Network Maps.
On-line Information: Management, Services
Summary:The original ChinaNet. This network first linked to the Internet via a Sprint 64kbps line to the NSFNET in May 1994. It is still the primary network for research institutions and scientists.

Network:China Educational and Research Network
Purpose: Linking academic institutions from elementary schools to universities.
Network Information Center
Primary Nodes:Beijing (PKU,BUPT), Shanghai Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shenyang
Structure: See Network Maps.
Online Information:Overview
Summary:Plans to be the main scholarly computer network in China. Got its own link to internet via 128kbps Sprint link in May 1995.

Network MapsMatrix Index
ChinaNet: BTA ChinaNet: NCFC CERNet
Internet RegulationsMatrix Index

This jpeg image is a large (500K) scan of the official PRC Internet regulations released on February 4th of this year.

WebsitesMatrix Index
Web sites are added daily. For the most up-to-date listings, see the links below.

Geographical list of WWW servers in China
Now the definitive list.
Li Canlin's China Webserver List
By domain and geographical region.
Patrick Kremer's China Web Server List. Link is currently down.

Academic WebsitesMatrix Index
Compiled by Patrick Kremer.


=========================  ===============  ==============================================================================
IP name                    IP address       Organisation (English name)
-------------------------  ---------------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Beijing University  BeiDa/ Beijing Institute of Modern Physics  Beijing University of Chemical Technology  Fudan University
  Harbin Institute of Technology
    Jilin University
    Jilin University of Technology  Nankai University
   202.112.???      Northeastern University  Qinghua University  South China University of Technology  Southeast University  Tianjin University
=========================  ===============  ==============================================================================

**Date: Was down at the mentioned date.

Acronyms and abbreviations: 
  BeiDa = Beijing University = Bei3jing1 Da4xue2

Research institutes

=========================  ===============  ==============================================================================
IP name                    IP address       Organisation (English name)
-------------------------  ---------------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------  CAS/ICMSEC/ State key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing  NCFC/ Computer Network Center  CAS/ Institute of Automation  CAS/ Institute of Chemical Metallurgy  CAS/ Institute of High Energy Physics  CAS/ Institute of Mathematics  **1995/08/19  CAS/ Institute of Microbiology  Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China  CAS/ Institute of Zoology  CAS/ICT/ National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems
=========================  ===============  ==============================================================================

**Date: Was down at the mentioned date.

Acronyms and abbreviations: 
  CAS = Chinese Academy of Sciences = Zhong1guo2 Ke1xue2 Yuan4
  ICT = Institute of Computing Technology
  ICMSEC = Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing

  NCFC = National Computing and Networking Facilities of China = Zhong1guo2 Ke1yan2 Yu3 Jiao4yu4 Shi4fan4 Wang3
Government WebsitesMatrix Index
Compiled by Patrick Kremer.
=========================  ===============  ==============================================================================
IP name                    IP address       Organisation (English name)
-------------------------  ---------------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Beijing Telecommunication Agency  Chinese National Committee for CODATA  Guangdong Post and Telecommunications Agency (Guangzhou)  MEI/ Information Center  Publishing House of Electronic Industry  Shanghai Telecommunication Agency (Shanghai)

   ???  ??? (Shenzhen)  ??? (Shenzhen)

=========================  ===============  ==============================================================================

**Date: Was down at the mentioned date.
???: some documents refer to that address, but I wasn't able to contact the 
     host (server down).  If you've more info, please contact me.

Acronyms and abbreviations: 
    CODATA = Committee on Data for Science and Technology
  MEI = Ministry of Electronics Industry
Business WebsitesMatrix Index

Note: A separate page currently under development, The China Business Matrix, contains a far more comprehensive listing and description of business sites. The sites below are selected entries from this larger list. Contact Kenneth Farrall for more information.

China Internet Corporation
The gateway page for Xinhua News Agency's new "Internet" service for China. China Internet Corporation (CIC) is somewhat of a misnomer. Chinese customers will not have access to the rest of the Internet.
SinoMarket Data
SinoMarket Data is an information service which covers information from over 1200 Chinese Mainland newspapers, trade journals, various trade association meetings, magazines, and other periodicals from around the country. The data collected from these sources are then translated into English and separated into different industry categories.
China Window
China Window presents updated business information through the Internet for the purpose of helping companies to reduce risk and to identify new opportunities by substituting guess work with facts in the business decision making process.
Connections Networking Service
Offers China market research and business information.
China Pages: On-line China Business Directory
An on-line China business directory, with information on manufacturing, news, services, etc. Hosts web pages for Chinese businesses.
Asia Inc. Online Thoughtful, well-written articles about Asia business. Has link to most recent PRC business news.
Asian Information Resources Ltd.
Welcome to the Asia Pacific On-Line, the FIRST Chinese/English full text search databases on internet, offering Asia/China Business and Legal information.
Recently opened Shangahai based information services.

Online PublicationsMatrix Index

CINET-L Archives
This monthly e-newsletter continues to be one of the most valuable resources on Chinese computer networking resources available today. Here you can find the current issue as well as complete archives of the last two years.
Internet Forum
A new online magazine produced in Beijing. Has articles in Chinese and English. Slow link.
Information Industry
One of the best sources for news on China's ever changing telecom infrastructure and network related issues. Chinese only. (GB)

Online ArticlesMatrix Index

Latest Developments of the Internet in Mainland China
Very useful overview of China Internet issues. The title is no longer appropriate, but this article is still a valuable read.
China Internet FAQ
No new updates since last December.
Internet-surfers must promise not to ``harm China''
Jeffery Parker, Reuters, Feb 15, 1996. BEIJING-- Putting teeth into new Internet controls, China has ordered users to register with police and to sign a promise not to harm ....
Flurrry of Internet Backbone Building to Hit China
Rob Guth, Idgchina, January 18, 1996.China s Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT) last month awarded a small US-based startup a contract to build a nationwide Internet backbone....
China Crimps Internet News
Stephen Bouvet, Washington Technology January 25, 1995.Communist government gatekeeping prompts copyright, intellectual property and free trade questions.
China's IP Networks Network, Finally
Cun Fu, CINET, Jan 21, 1996. When China's IP networks network, it makes news. After tons of administrative disconcerting, a 64 Kbps DDN line was finally set up between ....
China Accepts Internet
Reuters, March 14, 1996. HONG KONG, March 14 (Reuter) - Beijing's recent clampdown on internet use, far from hampering the flow of information, means the country has truly embarked on the information superhighway...
CINET report about CHINANET contract
China gets wired, but warily

Discussion ListsMatrix Index

CHINANET is a list for discussion of networking in China. Unfortunately it has a low "signal-to-noise" ratio, but there are occasional flashes of insight and CINET-L newsletters are distributed to all subscribers.

To subscribe to CHINANET, send an e-mail to
with the following message BODY:
sub chinanet your-first-name your-last-name

Internet in China
The China Matrix strongly encourages you NOT to subscribe to this list until further notice. The "unsubscribe" feature has apparrently been disabled and the list manager appears to be AWOL. One subscriber has called this the "mailing list from hell."

ContactsMatrix Index

Note: The e-mail addresses provided below have been gathered from individual web sites throughout the Internet. The contacts have made their addresses publicly available, but their presence on this list does not imply any explicit willingness to answer unsolicited e-mail correspondance. Those writing to e-mail addresses with ".cn" extensions should bear in mind that many must pay for the messages they receive. Be brief, and refrain from vague "can you tell me about the Internet in China?" queries to these addresses.

Site Administrators


Business Leaders

Recommended ".CN" SitesMatrix Index
Fudan University's main English homepage. Good design, and solid information. Java enhanced. RealAudio.

Tsinghua University Library Home Page
An impressive array of online services in both English and Chinese.

Other Meta-ListsMatrix Index
China Internet for Dummies
Higly recommended. Well-organized and informative.
Chinese Internet FAQ
ZWWWZ- Internet in China
Link has been down for some time.
CERN/ANU-Internet in Mainland China

NewsgroupsMatrix Index
Discussions related to Chinese software.
Discussions concerning a proposed universal coding standard for Chinese.
Varying topics. Occasional discussion of Chinese Internet.
Lots of talk about China and Taiwan. Occassionally discusses political implications of computer networking.
In Chinese. General discussion.
In Chinese. General discussion using BIG 5 coding standard.
Discusses Chinese software and netorking.
Place to find China Internet FAQ and other infor. Discussions often deteriorate into lengthy flames and pointless monologues. Low signal-to-noise ratio.
Try here for talk about networks and 1997.
Taiwanese and mainland Chinese politics.
Only if your server carries the Clarinet service.
Only if your server carries the Clarinet service.

Site InformationMatrix Index

The China Matrix makes use of "document resident links" for fast navigation and is designed to occupy your computer's RAM memory for "zero wait state browsing." All links from the matrix index are document resident. Links under individual listings, unless marked with an asterisk, are external links.

Ongoing Research

The China Matrix is gathering useage and demographic information on the China Internet. Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to contact the site administrator.


Additions, corrections, up-dates and general criticisms are welcome and strongly encouraged. Send e-mail to the webmaster.


The China Matrix would like to thank Patrick Kremer for his information on academic and government web sites.

National Networks:CommentaryNational NetworksMatrix Index

Note: The term ChinaNet has become a major source of confusion. Originally coined by researchers at CASnet to refer to the NCFC backbone and the subnetworks connected to it, it is now used rather indiscriminately to refer to the overall Internet in China. Recently, the Beijing Telecommunications Agency has begun using the term to refer to its own national networking project.

Internet growth in China faces two major obstacles: a limited telecommunications infrastructure and a government that seeks to control the flow of information. Nevertheless, Internet connectivity and services have begun to grow at an astonishing rate. The importance of global network communications for international business currently outweighs any state concerns about on-line dissident activity. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has been investing billions in upgrading its telecommunications infrastructire, and recently began pouring money into a highspeed backbone known as the Digital Data Network. While the vast majority (97%) of Chinese citizens are without phone service, service availability in the booming coastal areas and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) is exploding. The MPT is projecting 30%-40% coverage in these areas by the end of the decade. Work is currently ahead of schedule.

There are currently three main national networks. A fourth network, with limited international connectivity, is being developed by the Xinhua News Agency in Hong Kong.

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