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An important city renown for its historical and cultural heritage as well as for its natural beauty, Suzhou boasts one of the nation's most brisk business and commerce centers. In 1981, this ancient city was listed by the State Council as one of China's four cities where the protection of historical, cultural, and natural heritage should be treated as a priority.

Sponsored by the Xiamen city government, Xiamen Vista is the official online gateway to investment, travel, and education in China's cleanest city, most liveable city. Xiamen , one of China's four original Special Economic Zones, offers excellent opportunities for international investment and trade. Its highly popular tourist sites include the beautiful "Ten Thousand Rocks" Botanical Garden, and the delightful Gulangyu Island. Visit today!

Nanjing Vista

Nanjing is a famous ancient metropolis,capital of Jiangsu Province and an important riverside city in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. With its unique advantages in industry, science and technology, environment, and rapidly developing economy, Nanjing has been listed the fifth among China's Top 50 cities in terms of comprehensive economic strength.

Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China, is also its political, commercial and cultural center. No visit to China is complete without a taste of Beijing's wonders and delights. Great shopping and food, and some of the world's most awe inspiring sites -- The Great Wall, Beihai Park, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City -- make Beijing a must.

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Shanghai Vista keeps a constant eye on the best new Shanghai sites on the net and helps you find the information you want quickly -- business, travel, and top Shanghai sites. If your are looking for the latest news on the Shanghai area, try the Shanghai news links below.


To celebrate the return of Hongkong to the People's Republic of China, ChinaVista offers this special column 1997 HongKong Hot Sites .
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