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     Xiamen Anne Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Established in 1991 as a subsidiary of China Hua Xin Group Corporation, Xiamen Anne Enterprise Co., Ltd mainly handles the import and export of a wide range of paper.

The annual import of art paper, woodfree paper and newsprint from Japan and European countries reaches 30,000 tons.

Anne owns a paper mill which manufactures and sells fax paper, computer paper and photo copy paper.

Our company also handles the import and export of Wen Xing Ceramics. Also known as lightless crackled colored ceramics, Wen Xing Ceramics distinguishes itself from traditional coloured ceramics with its unique style, grand pattern, peculiar relief, bold brushwork, bright color and delicate designs.

In addition to its unique style and design, Wen Xing Ceramics is also noted for its diversified forms and widely used for home and hotel purposes including desk Lamps, tubular penracks, flower vases, fish globes, foodcans.

A perfect blend of ancient Chinese culture and modern Chinese and western countries, Wen Xing Ceramics is the treasure of modern ceramic artwares and the favorite of people's collections.

Add: 5/F, Foreign Trade Building, West Hexiang Road, Xiamen, China
Post Code: 361004
Tel: +86-592-2210307íM 2210315
Fax: +86-592-2213312

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