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Benjui Wines Co.,Ltd.

Benjui Family, A Merry Family!
Benjui Wines Co.,Ltd.,a domestic professional wine dealer, was founded in 1994. With our priority focused primarily on red wines with investment values, we establish the Benju Family World-Brand Wines Collecting Association. The associatton provides information (types, price, etc.) about name-brand wines all over the world, and offers the following services: enquiry, order-placing, transferring of ownership, and auctions.


Overview of the company

  • The Benju series foreign wines sales net is distributed along all the coastal cities and provinces, and major cities in China.
  • Annual sales value is over US$ 11 million.
  • In possession of over 50 foreign wines and name-brand table wines.
  • Hosted the first "Auction Event of Special Grade French Wines" in China, which generated high levels of interest in Hong Kong, the European Communities, as well as within China.
Objectives of the Company

  • Provides ever wider selections for consumers in high quality name-brand wines.
  • Promotes wine culture both domestically and internationally. Elevate wine testing and connoisseurship horizons.
  • Helps distributors and customers to cultivate new markets, and to expand market shares of their Chinese name-brands or Foreign name-brands in foreign or domestic markets.
  • Welcome To Our:

    97' Auction Event of
    Special Grade French Wines
    Branch Offices
    and Companies

    24th Floor, Hongxiang Building, Hubin South Road, Xiamen, China
    TEL: 86-592-5151622
    FAX: 86-592-5140769
    P.C.: 361004
    E-mail: benjui@public.xm.fj.cn

    Benjui World-brand Wines Collecting Association
    Direct Line: 86-592-5151622
    Contact:Miss Cai

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