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XIAMEN Brother International Trading Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Furan Import and Export Company is a foreign-oriented manufacturer and trader of the following products:

1. Acacia Rachii(B.B.Q.) and Roast Charcoal

Made from fine smoked wood of Taiwan jequirity tree grown in Southern China, our poisonless, odorless and smokeless wooden charcoal burns slowly and sells well on world markets. We provide 10~20cm long, 4~8cm in diameter bar charcoals, 5cm (and above) slump charcoals as well as custom processing and packaging services. Our current annual output is 1500 MTs.
For both indoor cooking and outdoor activities like picnic, our smokeless, ordorless and poisonless roast charcoal is your top choice. To light a piece of charcoal, all you need is a single match. The roast charcoal sells well on markets in America and Europe, with an annual production capacity is 2000~3000 MTs.


2. Bamboo Ware

a: Bamboo Chopstick: plain, lacquered and wired chopsticks;
b: Bamboo Spoon: spoons and other bamboo tableware;
c: Bamboo Food Steamer: designed for family decoration and preparing Chinese food.

3. Ball Bearings

Our parent company Xiamen Bearing Industrial Company is a specialist manufacturer of a wide range of carbon steel and chrome steel bearings with bore diameter between 3mm~20mm. The anual output of 608 bearings for skating shoes and other micro-bearings is 15 million sets, with precision grade being ABEC1~ABEC5.

4. Melamine Ware


Our melamine ware products are pottery and porcelain emulation used as children's and adults' tableware and other daily utensils, These products are made to endure collision, high and low temperature and acid corrosion.

5. Lamps and lanterns(all meet UL standards)

Solid brass outdoor lanterns, wall lighting fixtures, ceiling lighting fixtures, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and track-light system.

6. Bituminous (soft) coal, anthracite (hard coal), kaolinite, ferrosilicon and other minerals

We have been an experienced trader of the above coals and minerals with strong capabilities to organize supplies, transportation and warehouses.

Welcome to our website: www.ysp-china.com.

Add: Room 401, 23# Xiangxiuli, Xiamen, P. R. China
Contact: Yan SunPing
Fax: +86-592-5030139
E-Mailú║ ysunping@public.xm.fj.cn
Postcode: 361009

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