The Jian Kiln Porcelain

The Jian Kiln Porcelain is one of the famoust porcelain in ancient China- Song Dynasty- about 900 years ago. It's used and collected by the royalty. It is also very precious in Japan, called Tianmu You, in Korea and Holland too. Its technique was lost then.

The Jian Kiln Porcelain is remade after long time research. The product is made of special black sand in very specialized area in our country. Aftermade product is almost exactly the same as the old one, heavy like iron, glaze shining with imaginable color.

The Jian kiln Porcelain is hand made with top secret personal baked technique. Therefore its quantity is very limited, Furthermore it contains a lot of healthy elements. In China it's said that it could bring lucky and healthy.

The Jian Kiln Porcelain, Old China, Fine China, From GHL!

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