Yin Rong Metal Ornament Products Co.,Ltd
Yin Rong Metal Ornament Products Co.,Ltd is a joint venture,established by Taiwan Fareast Nameplate Co.,Ltd and Guangda Im.& Ex. Co.,Ltd of Xiamen S.E.Z. "YG"is the company brand. Our company mainly produces all kinds of metal ornaments, such as, superious medal, emblem, souvenir badges,  advertising keychain, tourist memento, etc, which are plated 24K gold, silver, bronze or cloisonne. 
Your own designs and samples are welcome. Pls rest assure that your designs and samples will be kept in secret.
Add:2A No.415 Nan Shan Road, Huli Zone, Xiamen, China
Post Code: 361006
Tel: (0592)5624006
Fax: (0592)6032331
E-mail: yinrong@public.xm.fj.cn
Contactor:Mr.Junxian Lin


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