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   A member of China's National Commission for Water Supply and Drainage, Zhejiang Jinshan Pipeline and Electric Co., Ltd is a specialist engaged in the manufacture and sales of ABS engineering plastic pipelines, water supply equipment, cable drum tables, bus grooves and liquid storages for air conditioners.

The company is located in Haiyu Industrial Zone, Leqing city, Zhejiang province. Its plant area is 21000 square meters, with the construction area being 10500 square meters. Currently the company is comprised of 188 workers and technicians including 5 senior engineers. Its major workshops include bus grooves, metal-cutting, cable drum tables, cold froging, zinc coating, liquid storage, plastic coating, casting, extrusion press and assembly.

Jinshan products have been competitive and sold well in China. The recognized quality and competitiveness of Jialee products are built on the company's updated facilities and equipment, a team of innovative, dedicated technicians and a well-trained work force. Some of its complete sets of equipment are 50g-2000g casting machines, metal-cutting machinery including lathes, milling machines, boring machines and broaching machines, automaticcontinuous braze welding furnace, dieing out presses, cold forging machines tools and hydraulic shearing machines.

Among its series products, the JS counter-flush filters, XQJ cable drum tables and DFM cable bus grooves have been recognized as China's brand name products and awarded gold medals in China's National Exhibitions for New Technology and New Products and in HongKong Exhibition for China-make Quality Products. The company has been awarded "AAA Company" during1993-1996 by banks for its outstanding credit record.

Jinshan welcomes proposals for cooperation and investment at home and from abroad.

Add     Haiyu Industrial Zone, Leqing city , Zhejiang province
General Manager Jin Shugui
Tel (0577)2815258       2810786
SW 2812955         Cable 7843
Fax 2811785         Postcode 325606

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