Xiamen Economic and Trade Bonded
Market Development Corporation


[Chinese GB][Chinese Big5]

Principal business:
  1. Import and export of foodstuffs, cereals, oils and oil seeds, native products and animal by- products, textiles, light industrial products, arts and crafts, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, metals and minerals, machinery and electronic equipment, instruments and meters;
  2. Transit trade;
  3. Warehouse and transportation business;
  4. Agent business and foreign trade consultation service; consulting service for foreign trade.
  5. Joint venture and procession with supplied materials, samples or drawings as well as compensation trade;
  • Domestic wholesale of foodstuffs, soft drinks, tobacco, textiles, hardware, industrial chemicals, chemicals products, petard and its products, arts and crafts excluding gold and silver, building materials, timber, machinery and electronic equipment.
Add: Third Floor, Foreign Trade Build, North Hubin Road, Xiamen, P.R.China
P.C.: 361012
Tel: 86-592-5063175 5082953 5082954 5082955
Fax: 86-592-5063011

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