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Hong Kong Economy and Trade Enterprises Ltd. is a wholely owned subsidiary of The Economics and Trade Development Corp. of Xiamen, set up to develop overseas business in Hong Kong in 1993. This company is engaged in international trading and investment and helping foreign customers to develop the mainland China market. It serves as importing agency for Chinese buyers and also as exporting agency for products made in China. Since its founding, the company has imported so many products such as Mitsubishi Lifts and Escalators from Japan, Carrier Central Air-conditioning Units from USA, Hawker Super- Safe Batteries for Telecommunication Industries from Great Britain, Matsusita Electrical and Electronic Parts from Japan, Machinery Parts from Germany, and many many more others to China. Foreign suppliers are welcome to co- operate in sales promotion in China market. This company can also serve as sourcing agent for China made products. So if you are selling products to or buying goods from China, please do not hesitate to contact the Hong Kong Economy and Trade Enterprises Ltd.

The corp. is also an oversea sole agency for selling the Xiamen Bonded Market Building.

Address:20/F., Shum Tower, 268 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

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