Xiamen Economic-Trade Health-Goods Co.
---A member of China Health Technique Association.


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  1. Company Name : Xiamen Economic-Trade Health-Goods Co.
  2. Address: 3/F, Art Bldg, 3 Kengnei Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China.
  3. Tel: 86-592-2048595 2116042
  4. Fax: 86-592-2079515
  5. Post code: 361004
  6. Contact: Mr Luo Jing Shu, Sales Manager
  7. Business Scope: Manufacture and sell health goods including multi-functional Shu-bei Keep-fit Cushions .
  8. Shu-bei Cushion : Award-winning health goods. Patent number: ZL 922 23713.1; Patent number for design: 95304538.2.
Main Advantages of Su-bei:
  1. Easy to use.
  2. Low noise.
  3. Safety guaranteed.
  4. Constant temperature
    ( 30oC ---45oC).
  5. A variety of types and colors for you to choose.

Main functions of Su-bei

Series A(air pouching): Designed to fit the backbone shapes of different people.

Series B (massaging): You can choose massage intensity for different purposes. Series B can make your back fully relaxed and has healing effect on backaches.

Series C (air pouching & massaging) : Combination of functions of Series A and Series B.

Series D : Constant temperature 30oC---45oC plus functions of Series A and Series B enable you to fully enjoy the massage.

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