The Economics and Trade Development Corp. of Xiamen (XETDC)

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Chairman &
General Manager
Liu Tie
The Economics & Trade Development corp. of Xiamen is a comprehensive and export-oriented group corporation approved by The Ministry of Foreign Economics Relation and Trade of P.R. CHINA.It handles imp. & exp. trade and investment business, and boasts 20 wholly- owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, Chinese- foreign cooperative enterprises and associates. The corp. mainly deals in the imp & exp of equipment, entrepot trade, bonded warehouse, customs imp. & exp. supervision warehouse, transportation, advertisement and design, commodities exhibition, investment & trade consultancy, real estate development, nongovenmental foreign labour forces service and trade business with Taiwan etc.

Since its founding, the corp. has tried its best to develop its imports and exports, improve its economic benefits, and accumulate funds, at the same time, not neglecting the importance of the development of investment for laying solid foundation and gaining strength.
Xiamen Bonded Market Building
Xiamen Bonded Market Building

  • The corp.invested in and constructed Xiamen Bonded Market Building with the total area of 52,000 square metres(approx. 600, 000 square feet), which was put into use in 1995. The corp., together with the local govemment, invested and set up the Xiamen Imp. & Exp. Goods Land Transport Supervision-Center. By now, the corp. has 100,000 square metres of: public warehouse, customs imp. & exp. supervision warehouse, yard and cargo inspection station.
  • The corp. incorporated in Xiamen Gaoqi Joint Inspection Zone a company named "Xiamen Gaoqi Joint Inspection Zone Development Corp. Ltd", which takes part in the management in real estate and advertisement.
  • The corp. incorporated "Xiamen Xiangyu Economics and Trade Bonded Goods Market Development Corp. Ltd" in the bonded area, which handles bonded goods business, takes part in the management of bonded market, provides complete set of services to member compaines and assumes reponsibilities for real estate management of the Bonded Market Building.
  • To develop business abroad, the corp. set up in a wholely-owned subsidiary "Hong Kong Economy & Trade Enterprises Ltd. " in Hong Kong in 1994, which is engaged in trade and invetment and, at the same time, solicits business, absorbs capitals and helps foreign customers with developing the mainland market.

    The Corp. has been listed for consecutive years in "The Largest 500 Imp. & Exp. Enterprises in the Nation" and "The Largest 100 Imp. & Exp. Enterprises in the Xiamen District" and now is well on the way to specialization, diversification and internalization with a view to a further rapid development.

    Add:Flat A-E, 12/F., Bonded Market Bldg., West Huli Rd., Xiamen, China

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