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NORINCO(G) is one of main producers for firearms and ammunition in thw world.In recent years,a variety of new sport rifles and shotguns as well as their ammunition are developed and produced to meet ever-increasing needs for the world market.


7.62 mm semi-auto sniping rifle includes: type EM351 (NDM-86) and type EM352.
They are mainly used to fire at the important aims within the range of 1000m.They can be fixed with bayonet that can be done very easily, they have also standard and 4* scope which has lighted reticle as well as infrared detection capabilities.
These rifles feature high accuracy with long range.For those shooters to whom " accuracy" is the name of the game, the EM351 and EM352 rifles are what you've been waiting for.
The only difference between the two rifles is: type EM351 shoots with 7.62X54mm catridge, and type EM352 with 7.62 X 51 mm (NATO) catridge.


Gauge 12 shotguns made by NORINCO are made of precision forging high quality alloy steel and with fine craftmanship. Several versions of gauge 12 shotguns are offered by NO- RINCO.
Pump-action shotgun model H L12 102 is available in two barrel lengthes, i. e long barrel and short barrel. With adjustable chock clearance and polished barrel, the shotgun is a perfect addition to any shooter's and hzjntor's collection.
Over and under doubie barrel shotgun type H L12- 203 is available in two models, i.e model H L12-203CH with long barrel and model HL1 2-203DU with short barrel. Model HL12-203CH is a quality and high performance shotgun and is used for twoway clay pigeon shooting.Ms Zhang Shan won a gold medal with the shotgun made by NORINCO at the 25th Olympic Games in the mixed clay pigeon shooting.Model H L12-203DU is used for multi-way clay pigeon shooting. With engraving patterns on the both sides of receiver of the shotgun, single trigger and rubber butt buffer, the shotgun is a perfect shotgun for shooting,competition, hunting and col lecting .
Model YL12- 101 single-barrel shotgun with manual safety is a simple version with low price.


The series 59 pistol offered by NORINCO is used by military and police for over 30 years. The semiautomatic pistol is built upon the proven German Walther PPK design with additional features. As a famous pistol in the world, the pistol is made up of quality alloy steel and characterized by compact structure, little recoil, high accuracy and reliable mechanism acting. Two models, i.e model 59 and 59A are offered by NORINCO.
The safety on the series 59 drops and locks the hammer and trigger from movement.
For the shooters and collectors that desire a compact pistol with reliability of a classic design, the series 59 is your optimal choice. The pistol is also a excellent.selfdefense weapon.

1911A1 Pistol

NORINCO's 1911A1 Pistol is a falthful copy of the famous Colt 1911-Aa .45 ACP Pistol designed by John M.Browning and has all features found on the .45 ACP Pistol including grip safety and thumb safety. Featuring tough parkerized finish, the new 1911 A1 is priced competitively.
The pistol is characterized by high accuracy, reliable mechanism acting and long service iife. A tool kit for cleanina and two magazines are provided with pistol.

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