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As a sizeable enterprise in the county. Rouna Group has the brand "Rouna", which is famous throughout China. The company covers an area of 6800M and building area of 4200M. It uses closed circuit television and computers in management.

The company manufactures products mainly under these brands:

Rouna, Blance, Jouvena, Sun shade, Sun-hat-god, 828, etc. These products include cosmetics, detergents and also different vegetable bevetages.

Main Product:

Leave-in hair conditioner, Cucumber facial wash, milk facial wash, Scardiminishing cream, Herbal Shampoo of "Rouna" brand,Beautifying and whitening series of "Blance" brand, Sunshade sun block, sun-hat sun block, Hand cream, Toothpaste, Soap, 828 vegetable health beveragas, etc, summing up to about 300 types of cosmetics and a variety of health beverages. We would like to be your joint venture and cooperative operation partner in this field.

New Products:

"Blance"hand cream, which is produced by a China-America joint venture, is a conveniently packaged antibacterial hand moisteriser which keeps hands soft and smooth.

Our Group has one automatic aluminum-pipe line and two toothpaste assembly lines of production, including modem workshops and necessary facilities, Inaddition to that, the comapany's facilities include those required for producing soap liquid insecticide, etc. We are looking for partners interested in manufacing these products or for parties who are interested in leasing our land and required factory facilities.

We also have the equipment to produce drinks in aluminum flip-top, PVC cntainers. The equipment has the capacity of producing 180 containers of drinks per minute or cooperative operation partner.

We are looking forward to hearing form you!


Address:Tanxingqiao Taixing,Jiangsu Province P.R.China
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