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Handle fine chinaware for daily use and artistic chinaware for display. Chinese and western tableware, drinking vessels, teaware and coffee cups are examples of our chinaware for daily use, while vases, flower baskets, decorative hanging pots, toys, desk lamps, satationery and sculptures are examples of our artistic products.

We have two main series of products. One is high-grade sports shoes and hiker shoes, travel shoes, injection shoes and so on. The other is slippers like pre foam slipper, EVA light style slipper, art slipper, towel slipper, plastic slipper, wooden slipper, leather slipper, sports sandals and beach sandals. Our products enjoy a brisk sale in America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and some other area in the World. And they were competitively run by foreign customers.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in porcelain for tableware as well as arts and crafts, such as rice-pattern vases, flower vases, figures, animals antique porcelain and small articles of chrysanthemum adhering. We have a complete set of ceramics production from clay refining, white body making, ceramics baking, ceramics painting to finished, product packing. Crafted by 1,000 skilled artisans and backed by 15 our years of experience we offer the best of China-made ceramics and also work with customers' designs. Contact us for more details right now.

We specialize in producing dyes and dye intermediates with strong technical force, advanced techniques, complete equipped examination and testing methods. The main products for exporting include reactive dyes, acid dyes and dye intermediates. The specifications as follow.

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