Department 12

The department is specialized in the production of hand- held electric tools, i.e. S1M series angle grinders, Z1J series electric impact drills, series curve saws, stone machines, electric chinsels etc. and other hand-held electric tools.
The corporation has strong technical forces and large capital. The products are of technical essence and are widely applied. They are especially useful for the metal polishing, cutting and the wood sawing and the operations of complicated and allotype parts on which large machines can't operate. The electric impact drills and hollow drills are necessary for the drilling of cement constructure, ceramic tiles, floors.
The products both in good appearance and good quality. The quality conformed to GB standard, won the qualification certificate issued by the China Commission for Confirmation of Electric Product and past the test of TUV for GB. CE and EMC standard in 1994. For years, the products are well sold all over the country and far sold to Europe, America, Middle East, and South- east Asia, and well received by customers at home and abroad.

Walking Tractor Model GN-12
with Tiller and seat
Features and Application

Walking Tractor Model GN-12 is designed for pulling and driving. The tractor features compactness and simplicity of construction, easy control and steering. light weight rugged durability and reliability.
The tractor is equipped with special driver's toil and raise his labouring productivity.
Walking Tractor Model GN-12 can be employed for transportation. meaching with 1 ton Farm Trailer and also used as a power source in the rural area for a variety of stationary jobs as pumping, spraying, threshing, feed grinding, flour milling and trenching etc.

Walking Tractor Model GN-12
with Rotary an seat
Ploughing 0.23
Ploughing depth 17-20cm
Rotary cultivating 0.17
Rotary cultivating depth 12-17cm

Fuel consumption(kg/ha)
Ploughing 7.05
Rotary cultivating 16.5

Rated drawbar pull range(N) 300 - 500
Weight(kg) 460
Wheelbase(mm) 810 750 690
630 570
Minimum ground clearance 210
Overall dimensions(mm)
Length 2950
Width 980
Height 1240
Tire sizes 6.00 - 12
Ground speed(km/hr)
Forward 1st 1.39
2nd 2.47
3rd 4.15
4th 5.14
5th 9.12
6th 15.30
Reveres 1st 1.10
2nd 4.10
Loading capactity(kg) 1000