Department 8

Deals mainly in the export of bicycles(12", 16" and 20" cross-country bicycles, lady's bicycles and moumntain bicycles racing bicycles ), cigarettes and artistic tapers and candles. Also handles export of pearl decorated slippers.

How to use our candles

If the flame is too large, trim the wick. After burning a candle for about half an hour, you should pour out the melted wax. A burning candle should not be left unattended.
To prevent smoke when extinguishing the flame, please tip the wick over into the pool of wax, then straighten again for easy relighting.
The candle should not be placed on or near combustible materials nor on a spike holder.

Person to contact: Chen Limin
Tel: 86-592-2033420
Fax: 86-592-2033421