Left Rotation Is the Characteristics of the Vitality

The left rotation is the form of expression of the vitality, and the substance of left rotation is the motive force of life.
Now the natural calamity is getting more frequent, and the disease of human being is getting more serious. Some people come to awake, the voice of "save our earth", "sustainable development", "caring for the earth" become soundly day by day. How can we save the earth thoroughly to prevent people from harm? We can still find no way out. Some people obstinately stick to a wrong course, making illusions that violate the natural law, such as "save the earth by blow up the moon", "repair the ozone cave artificially" etc. It is far from the natural law.
I have an invention, it is a pioneering work which comply with the natural law-with left rotation replace right rotation.
Why have people being researched the philosophy for thousands years? Why are they exploring the origin of human being? Why are they hope to find the secret of the earth and other stars? It is to find the source of vitality, and to find a way thoroughly for the earth and human being.
What is the characteristics of the vitality actually? Left rotation. It is the form of expression of vitality in the universe. The motive force and source come from the left rotation substance. It is an inexorable natural law.
The left rotary substance is eternal. It is called neutron by modern scientists, and is called Buddhism light, Holy spirit, gasp of Tao by ancient philosophers. Its characteristics is only to revolve toward left, not to revolve toward right. It is not only the nuclear and motive force of living things, but also the nuclear and motive force of earth and all stars.
Otherwise, right rotation is the form of expression of feeble and die. The action of right rotation have counteracted the action of left rotation. If lose the chance to gain left rotary substance, then some things will assume feeble and die. If the left rotation take a leading place, it indicate the vitality is strong, otherwise, while right rotation take a leading place, it indicate the vitality is sick.
When the life is living, it is in left rotation, after dead, it is in right rotation. All dead body only revolve toward right. The right rotation bodies corrode the surface of the earth, make the earth feeble and die, and the feeble and die of the earth enhance the trend of right rotation, enhance the outbreak of crisis. In daily life, people have form a sense of right rotation. This sense wave left on earth, and disturbed the magnetic field of earth, increased the load on the earth, caused a vicious circle, and almost lead the earth and human being to perish.
Even though, the rotation and revolution of earth is in left rotation, almost ten planets are in left rotation, the black hole of universe is also in left rotation. They have form a irresistible main melody. They have a strong force, it made those who submit will prosper, and those who resist shall perish. Throughout the ages, no any other force can resist the left rotation of earth and black hole.
In the natural, the strong left rotation light beam can kill the diseases, can purify the environment. For clockwise rotation resists the left rotation, and go against the natural law, the sense of right rotation harm itself. Sense of right rotation lead to disease and disaster. It would lead to self destroy.
Whoever started the trouble should end it ,we should change our sense, return to the way of left rotation, fit in with the natural law. It is the thorough way for earth and human being.
It is a turning point of human being stepping into new ages and a starting point of human being transforming itself that theory and method of left rotation be deduced. In pace with using widely of left rotary clocks, watches, lights and ornaments, people will see the action of left rotation in protecting the human being and purifying the natural environment. And will know the harm of right rotation to people and nature.
When people turn round to the way of left rotation in thought and in action, strong of itself will resist the lose of ozone. If someone staying in hole for a long time will be afraid the sunlight, and someone who live in sunlight will need the sunlight. The practice can test that everywhere in the earth except the ozone layer the force of left rotation take in the main place. The living things should take exercise in the state of left rotation before the ozone layer disappearing.
If there is no ozone layer, the earth will be as if relieved of a heavy load. It is a disaster for those living thing that have leave the way of left rotation. In the future, the earth will take the people who are in new sense into a new area. People should face the facts, go into the way of left rotation quickly. Those whose right rotary sense haven't change to left rotation sense will be sifted out sooner or later.
Left rotation is a objective law independent of man's own will. It is a objective fact of determining the sublimation or decadent of living thing to fit or violate this law.
To awake people to recognize this law, we had published ten thousands materials about left rotation law in 1990 and 1991. And we had made many objects such as instruments of electron, clocks and watches. We had applied for invent patent. Now, we have invented the physiotherapeutic installation in left rotation and the left rotation theory. People should respect our property right of knowledge and enjoy this invention together with us. Left rotary law will wash away the sludge and filth with the momentum of an avalanche. The earth and human being will take on an entirely new look.
As the inventor of theory and installation of left rotation, we are neither selfish no have blind faith in things foreign. We will build a left rotary foundation with all person with breadth of vision, and open up a new world in common rich and common happy.
The left rotation is a thorough great method to good health and long life, a turning point of earth and human being changed, a inexorable trend.
(Statement: If any unit will make the products of physiotherapy in left rotation, they must have our sign, affix, trade mark. For our common future, we welcome all person with breadth of vision join left rotary movement together.)
Signature of inventor of physiotherapeutic installation in left rotation:
Mr. Sheng Juehong
Open No. of Patent: CN1166363A
Apply No. of Patent: 96119081.7
Address: (1) Mr. J. H. Sheng Room 16-201, No. 3, Luhu Road Guangzhou City, 510094 P. R. of China
(2) Mr. J. H. Sheng Pass on by Miss S. J. Fan Terminal Co., No.69, Haoju Road, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, 526000 P. R. of China
Tel: -0758-2250922 Ms. Fan or -0592-5098105 Mrs. Chen
E-mail: sdxm@public.xm.fj.cn

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