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ChinaVista is a division of the Xindeco Business Information Company, based in the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, Fujian China. The staff at ChinaVista are ready to answer your questions and encourage comments and feedback of all kinds. Please use the e-mail links below to direct your communications.

Xindeco BIC General Manager, Frank Wei
Contact Mr. Wei for all important matters related to Xindeco, BIC, including on and off line business cooperation and media interviews.

ChinaVista Senior Consultant, Kenneth Farrall
Contact Mr. Farrall for major comments and criticisms of ChinaVista's content and user interface, for online cooperation proposals, for media interviews, and for other Internet-related business matters.

ChinaVista Webmaster
Contact the ChinaVista webmaster for general comments and criticisms related to ChinaVista's content and user interface, including browser compatibility issues, broken links, formatting and download speed.
ChinaVista Web Hosting
Contact ChinaVista Web Hosting for web page, site design, and hosting inquiries.
Hyper-C Additions
Contact Hyper-C additions for all new links to Hyper-C. Please include brief description, suggested category, and contact address.
Hyper-C Quality Control
Contact Hyper-C Quality Control for comments and criticisms on Hyper-C's frames-based user interface and for notifications of broken and dead links.
ChinaVista Advertising
Contact ChinaVista Advertising for inquiries about banner ads in high traffic areas such as Hyper-C and the China Business Reference Desk, or to inquire about other online promotion services.
Customer Service
Contact customer service for questions related to ChinaVista customer pages, listed under Featured Products and Services.

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