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Featured Dishes

    Stewed New-born Pigeon with Tremella and Dried Tangerine

    dish number one Materials: 2 new-born pigeons, 400g/each
    Ingredients: soaked tremella 100g , soaked dried tangerine 10g
    Condiments: refined salt 10g , gourmet powder 5g , chicken extract 2g , soup-stock 750g


    1. Kill and clean the pigeons. Cut them into pieces. Scald the pieces in boiling water for two minutes. Move the meat pieces into a soup bowl after cooling them down with cold water.
    2. Clean the soaked tremella and cut them into pieces. Scald them in boiling water for a short while. Place them into the soup bowl and followed by soaked dried tangerine.
    3. Pour the soup-stock into a wok which is on moderate flame. Add the refined salt, gourmet powder and chicken extract to the boiling soup and stir them. Pour the soup into the bowl and then steam the bowl in a steamer tray over high heat for 30 minutes.

    Features:This dish tastes delicate and delicious. It helps nourish the feminine and lung.

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