China on Disc
China on Disc, a Mini-Encyclopedic Database of China, on CD-ROM, provides an extraordinarily comprehensive, authoritative information source on China and can be easily operated in any mainstream personal computer. China on Disc contains thousands of names, entries, and charts for direct access to vital information covering:
   1.     Land and  People
   2.     Laws, Government, Politics and State Affairs
   3.     National  Economy 
   4.     Agriculture
   5.     Manufacturing  Industry
   6.     Domestic Commerce, Foreign Trade & investment
   7.     Finance, Taxation 
   8.     Energy  and  Mining
   9.     Transportation  and Communication
  10.     Construction and  Other Service Industries
  11.     Science and Technology
  12.     Mass Media and Culture
  13.     Education, Health and Welfare
  14      Major News Events

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