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Welcome to China Virtual Tours, your premier online guide to travel in China.

China Virtual Tours
Now, with ChinaVista's help, you can visit China's most famous attractions all from the comfort of your desktop computer. Walk the majestic halls of The Forbidden City, the home of the great emperors of dynastic China. Scale the impressive Yellow Mountains, one of the most beautiful mountain chains in the world. Explore The Great Wall, the most massive manmade structure in the world.

The China Experience
Learn about the four main types of Chinese poetry, listen to popular Chinese folk music, delve into Sun Tzu's Art of War -- immerse yourself in a new facet of Chinese culture each week. Impress you friends with your mastery of Chinese cooking with Little Ma's Recipe of the Week.

A convenient way to find China-related information with Hyper-C: search China's largest web database by multiple keyword, browse thousands of documents, files, and images, check out what's Cool, or come back each day for new addition .

What's New at Discover China
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Today: new site(s) in What's New --- China Business Group .

This Week: Cool Site of the Week is Art of China Today . distributor of contemporary Chinese painters using the traditional ink and wash techniques on rice paper.

Last Week: Cool Site of last Week was --- Tour in China
--*** a good travel guide.

This Week:
The Hezhe ethnic group, with the smallest population among China's ethnic groups, lives by the rivers of Songhua, Heilongjiang and Wusuli in the northeast. The China Experience of this week introduced Folklore of the Hezhe Ethnic Group.

In Little Ma's Recipe Corner this week, Little Ma cooks a Medicinal dish Soft-shelled Turtle with Cordyceps.

Last Week:
Little Ma taught us how to make an Huaiyang dish Lotus Leaf Chicken . The China Experience of last week introduced Stone Carvings Give Innovation and Inspiration.

Current Tour: The Mysteries of Nujiang River Gorge
  The 316-kilometer-long Nujiang River Gorge is located in Yunnan Province in southwestern China, an area rich in ethnic minority culture and now is a first choice for many domestic and foreign travelers.

Last Tour:Hiking Through the Tiger Jump Gorges
  The Tiger-Jump Gorges of the Jinsha River lie at the meeting place of the Haba snow mountains in Zhongdian County and the Yulong Snow Mountains in Lijiang County in China's southwestern Yunnan Province.

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