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Guoxie dance
Duixie dance
Guozhuang Dance
Xie dance
Zhuoxie dance
Qamo dance
Tibetan dances

Xie is a dance to the accompaniment of a stringed instrument. In the hinterland of Tibet it is called Kangxie (dances from Kang). In Batang and Qamdo it is called Ye, a variation of the sound of xie.

It is popular in Batang, Qamdo, Gyangze and areas of Qinghai. At festivals and on outings in the linkas in Batang and Qamdo, men and women dance face to face in two lines. They are usually directed by one person at the head of their formation, playing a stringed instrument made of ox horn. They dance in a circle or randomly. Sometimes they resemble a winding dragon. They sing to each other to express their feelings. Along with the trill in their singing, there is a kind of "trill" in their dance, most of which mimes the movements of the peacock. The graceful movements flow naturally and are characterized by broad, slow steps and pointing of the foot toward the ground. The dancers wave their sleeves while turning, creating a fascinating scene of flying sleeves. Peacock Drinking Water is an exhibition dance designed by Tibetans to express their wishes for good fortune and happiness,

Xie dance

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