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1997 HongKong Hot Sites


Netvigator is a first-class website with distinctive HongKong local flavour. Its "Easylife" reports on the HongKong local people's daily life including citylife, food, health, fashion, astronology, pets, sports, cars, and more. The entertainment section features HongKong's cinema, music, show listings and film stars. Other special columns include financial express, HongKong business directory and computer world.

HongKong 1997 Website

This bilingual site is exclusively devoted to celebrating the handover of HongKong to China. It is said that in the first week HongKong 1997 Website was on line, the average daily hits were over one million. Major columns include daily news, a pictorial history of HongKong , background information, HongKong encyclopedia, the First Chief Executive special page, and handover ceremonies.

HongKong 97

HongKong 97, different from HongKong 1997 Website, focuses more on recent developments in HongKong's politics, economy and culture -- for example, the latest developments among HongKong's political parties. In addition, with this site you may enjoy online shopping, take a virtual tour of modern HongKong and explore the mystery of HongKong's past.

HongKong Government Information Centre

HongKong Government Information Centre
is the place for you to get an overall view of HongKong's administration system and economy. You can learn about HongKong Government and related organisations, read the details of the 1997-1998 HongKong Budgetary Reports. Also available for you are a pictorial history of HongKong , comprehensive HongKong facts and statistics, and news updates and speeches.

HKTA Wonder Net

HongKong's peculiar history and advantageous geography have contributed to the island's unique culture and natural wonders. HKTA Wonder Net, sponsored by HongKong Tourist Association, is an excellent online tour guide to HongKong. Its travel information includes a map of HongKong, scenic spots introduction, hotel lists and tour packages. Another focus of the site is closely related to the local people's daily life: food and restaurants, festivals and events, online shopping, and banking. With a sound card, you may also enjoy wonderful music.

Hong Kong Film Magazine

Hong Kong Film Magazine provides websurfers with in-depth information on the world's most exciting cinema center -- HongKong. The online magazine presents career profiles of and interviews with film stars (like Jackie Chan) and directors, follows developments of the HongKong film industry, and posts the latest theatrical and video releases. Additional information includes HongKong's history, politics, language, folklore, and more.


Orientation is a great collection of Asia-related websites covering an inexhaustive variety of subjects ranging from arts, history, technology, religion to tourism, business, finance and investment. The site also reports on Asian business news, follows Asian stock markets and rates Asian websites.

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