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North China: Beijing--Tianjin--Hebei-- Shanxi-- Inner Mongolia

East China: Shanghai-- Taiwan-- Anhui-- Fujian-- Jiangsu-- Jiangxi-- Shandong-- Zhejiang

South Central China: Hainan-- Hunan-- Hubei-- Henan-- Guangxi-- Guangdong

Northeast China: Heilongjiang-- Jilin-- Liaoning

Northwest China: Gansu-- Ningxia-- Qinghai-- Xinjiang-- Shaanxi

Southwest China: Chongqing-- Tibet-- Guizhou-- Sichuan-- Yunnan

Hongkong&Macao: Hongkong-- Macao


  • Beijing-China
    --*** offers city history and economic information. Also includes local attractions, education, and sister cities.
  • Dance Beijing
    --*** Represents performing artists in authentic Chinese classical dance, folk dance and traditional music.
  • Peking (Beijing) Opera
    -- ***** a national treasure with a history of 200 years.
  • Beijing Review
    -- ***** A Chinese Weekly of News and Views founded in 1958 and published in five languages, English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish. It has ever since been a major magazine for the Chinese government to brief foreigners on China's economical, societal and political developments.
  • Beijing Scene
    -- *** with accurate, up-to-date and humorous insights into living and doing business in China's capital today.
  • The Beijing Page
    --*** general information about beijing: Beijing city, Tourism, Entertainment, Reference, Industry and so on.
  • Beijing Guide
    -- *** Your guide to services, recreation, business, etc. while living in Beijing.
  • Beijing Page
    --**** all you want to know about the home of the Forbbiden City, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Summer Palace.
  • Working in Beijing
    -- *** Featuring several pages about Beijing ranging from how to employ local staff to how to acquire office furniture, from how to find a school for your kids to how to locate the best doctors in town.
  • Clear Thinking
    --*** Established in Beijing, Clear Thinking operates business advisory and consulting divisions in agriculture, transportation and engineering and a comprehensive reports service for our clients who require reliable, objective research on China. Free non-current reports are also available which are of good value for students and researchers.
  • Facts on Beijing
    -- Good comprehensive index page
  • Historical Beijing
    -- Beijing in pictures. Captions, and links to full size images
  • Beijing Art Museum
    -- At China Window. Poor design.
  • Beijing Subway Map
  • Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing
  • A Trip to China (Travel) *** a trip to Beijing,China, Tian An Men, Beijing University, in the street.
  • Beijing Museums
    --** brief introduction to Beijing museums such as Natural History Museum, Lu Xun Museum.
  • The Beijing Page
    --*** general information about beijing: Beijing city, Tourism, Entertainment, Reference, Industry and so on.
  • Beijing Youth Daily
  • Business Beijing
  • Beijing Yellow Pages
    --**** Listings of web pages of companies in Beijing. top


  • Shanghai Online
    -- *** Features Shanghai Outline, Travel in Shanghai, Culture Scenery and Pudong Development.
  • The guide to the city of Shanghai
    --*** a well done website provides general information about Shanghai.inese Related Web Sites
  • Shanghai-ABC
    -- **** Shanghai-ABC provides in-depth information for those living or doing business in Shanghai. Just as they say: to think of the areas in your professional and home life where you will have problems and to provide the solutions to those problems before you even realise they might exist. You are especially advised to spend a few minutes with it if you are a new comer to the city. You will feel like receiving counsels from your Shanghai-savvy buddy.
  • World Link Medical Center -- Shanghai
    -- ** providing the highest quality medical care to the international community of Shanghai, regardless of age or nationality, by linking best-care practices from around the world.
  • Shanghai Links Executive Community
    --*** Asia's First Integrated Expatriate Community, Golf & Country Club, Home of The Shanghai American Club, by Sealand Housing Corp.
  • The Consulate General of India in Shanghai
    --*** The best consular website in China. Contents include general information, contact information, visa information, Information on India, India News, Information on East China, Shanghai India Business, and India related links.
  • D.D's Club
    --** Useful info on Shanghai, Nightlife, City Life. Shanghai Panorama
    -- a web site of shanghai
  • Shanghai On Internet
    --** provide comprehensive information about Shanghai.
  • The guide to the city of Shanghai
    --*** a well done website provides general information about Shanghai.
  • Shanghai Yellow Pages
    --**** Listings of web pages of companies in Shanghai.
  • Investment in Shanghai
  • Ye's Shanghai Homepage
    --***Better-than-average personal homepage of a Chinese student in the US, with information on Shanghai, including a map and a list of Internet providers.
  • Shanghai Metal Exchange (SHME)
    -- *** China's largest national exchange for non-ferrous metals futures, trading on a trial basis by authority of the State Council. top



  • Chengdu Pages
    --*** photo-perspective on the capital of Sichuan Province. top








  • Hainan Geographical Index -- WTDB
    -- This is a geographical list of businesses on Hainan Island proviede by the World Trade Data Base. Useful for anyone with business interests in the region.
  • Hainan Island -- webshop
    -- Detailed introductions to travel, business, and investment in Hainan.
  • Hainan Province
    -- A textual introduction provided by SAIC.
  • Hainan Scenes -- gznet
    -- Intro to Hainan and Sanya city. Includes pictures. From the main Guangzhou Internet server.
  • Tour in Hainan
    -- Simple, short introduction provided by the people at IHEP. top






Inner Mongolia


  • Wuxi Foreign Trade Corporation
    -- *** Manufacturer and exporter of plush toys, beanie bags and other toys Made In China. You can find many pictures there.
  • Nantong On the Web
    -- *** General investment surrounding information about Nantong city of Jiangsu Province. This site aims at boosting Nantong's foreign economy and trade.
  • Nanjing Yellow Pages
    --**** Listings of web pages of companies in Nanjing.
  • Suzhou
  • Suzhou
    --** a brief introduction to Suzhou city.
  • Nanjing Valley
    -- *** Guide to Nanjing Valley for those interested in investments in this area. top




  • Tour in Liaoning
    -- brief article of Liaoning
    -- details article,picture,about Liaoning,Jilin and Haerbin
  • Dalian
    --*** covers information about Dalian such as Dalian's news, economics, education, tourism, as well as Dalian's pictures. (in Chinese GB) top









  • Sichuan China Business
    --***is the gateway to the resources, products and markets of Western China. It provides over 1,000 products, 100 pictures, and 25 companies. Especially noticeable are their consultancy services and the China Market Research page (statistics of China Market). Not much is free that is of any value in this site.
  • Sichuan Window
  • Sichuan
    -- apics and articles of Sichun top


  • Yunnan County Window
    -- *** provide basic information about Yunnan, touring areas, laws of China, and investment projects.
  • Kunming China
    -- *** host city of the 1999 International Horticultural Expo. Includes accommodation and restaurant directory, weather, tourist attractions, and business news.
  • Kunming Gateway
    -- *** Infos about China, Yunnan, Kunming, Chat, Forum, Music, Pictures, ICQ, Guestbook, Hotelinfo, Travelinfo and more.
  • Infos about Kunming
    -- **** One of the best sites on the Web that provide useful info about Kunming.
  • EXPO '99
    --** A brief introduction to '99 International Horticultural Exposition to be held in Kunming, China from May 1 to October 31 , 1999.
    --***Touches on everything
  • Tour in Yunnan
    -- a simple article of Yuannan provinces top



  • Hong Kong Arts Festival
    --***Preview of 2001 arts festival.
  • Hong Kong Standard Tigernet
    --***This site provides various kinds of news about China, Hong Kong, world news, and other information.
  • The Dah Chong Hong Group
    --***Homepage of a Hong Kong based multi-national conglomerate with business scope ranging from cosmetics to automobiles, agricultural produce to electrical and electronics equipment and appliances. There is also an excellent China Market page dedicated to macro-economy in China.
  • E-Commerce for Travellers
    -- *** Hong Kong SAR of China- transportation, hotel, government, consulates, maps, business, investment, travel insurance, currency, weather, and health.
  • Hong Kong Products
    -- **** HK products categories containing thousands of products from more than thousands of manufacturers, each with web pages containing company profiles, product description, pictures , contact information & an enquiry form. Each of the enquiry that was submitted by the buyer will be faxed to our customer immediately.
  • China Hongkong Business
    -- *** This site provides extensive information about doing business with China and HongKong and discusses topics such as culture (confucianism, fengshui, taoism, etc.).
  • Hong Kong HyperBanner
    -- *** Free banner exchange program in Hong Kong, with excellent java-enhanced features.
  • Hong Kong Dolphinwatch
    --*** Dedicated to raising awareness of Hong Kong's endangered pink dolphins through tours and merchandise.
  • Hong Kong Business Association of Hawaii
    --*** The mission of the Association is to promote trade and business opportunities between Hawaii and the economic region centering around Hong Kong.
  • iNet
    --*** iNet collects Hong Kong-related information on the net. Its maintainer provides Internet solution and marketing services: home page design and hosting, dedicated lease line and Internet server installation, CGI and Java script programming and etc.
  • Hong Kong: The Opportunities of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
    --*** Maintained by the "privately funded, non-profit, apolitical" Better Hong Kong Foundation, this site aims to boost international commerce confidence in Hong Kong. Its content is efficiently organized.
  • Homepage of Hong Kong's Chief Executive
    --*** Contents include Policy Agenda, Speeches/Statements, Press Releases, and Biodata.
  • Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers
    --*** Web Site of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP). Includes details on the institute's history, services, membership, awards, and publications.
  • Hong Kong World Wide Web Servers
    --*** a search engine for Hong Kong WWW servers.
  • Destination Hong Kong
    --*** Presents brief information about Hong Kong's geography, history, culture, attractions and economy. The site also includes other online sources on HongKong.
  • Hong Kong Press Photographer Association (HKPPA)
    --***Web surfers can learn about the backgroud history of HKPPA, immerse themselves with its regularly updated exhibitions and publications, and enjoy the wonderful world of quality photos contributed by HKPPA members.
  • Commercial Radio Hong Kong
  • Destination Hong Kong
    --*** Presents brief information about Hong Kong's geography, history, culture, attractions and economy. The site also includes other online sources on HongKong.
  • Hong Kong Business Directory
    --***Lists Hong Kong manufacturers, traders for different industries and companies that provide local business services.
  • AsianNet
    --**** Very well designed website featuring Asian countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more. It not only gives all-rounded introductions to each of these countries and regions, but also emphasizes on the comprehensive information on the Asian region as a whole.
  • HK New Airport
    --**** Detailed and well-organized description of the soon to be completed new Hong Kong Airport. Must vist for those who wish to tap the many opportunites there.
  • CareerMosaic Hong Kong
    -- *** bringing Hong Kong job seekers the opportunity to search the global CareerMosaic J.O.B.S. database, where you can search by field of experience, job title, company and location.
  • Global Link Hong Kong
    -- ** A leading Internet service provider in Hong Kong which offers full Internet access. It has helpful information for new Internet users and guide to seach WWW sites by category and keyword.
  • Sightseeing in Hongkong
    -- *** Although Hongkong is known as a shopping paradise, there is a lot to see in HK. You'll need several days to explore the highlights.
  • Hong Kong
    -- **** Hongkong backgroud information, economic outlook, business opportunities, daily news, travel and tourism, etc., just for business people who wish to explore business opportunities in the area. Brought to you by the Hong Kong Government Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco.
  • CNET Hong Kong
    -- **** CNET Hong Kong has sibling sites in Taiwan and Singapore, and offers material from IT Daily, the Hong Kong online news publication. Broken into sections including news, newsmakers, how-to guides for enthusiasts, downloadable games and a glossary, this site makes for a fun and intriguing visit each time.
  • Hong Kong Tour Guide
    -- *** A new site which strives to be something like ChinaVista. Opinion of a westerner's view of Hong Kong with annotated links to a varied facets of life on HK, -- culture, art, weather, scenic spots, history, and so on. top



  • Taiwan123
    -- *** provides services and information for travelers and residents in Taiwan.
  • A Collection of the Visual History of Taiwan
    -- *** Come to read the books concerning about the history of Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Business Net
    -- *** Buying guide and online business opportunities in Taiwan. Edited by Institute for Information Industry.
  • China Economic News Service
    --** is the business news services provider in Taiwan.
  • YamWeb Navigator
    -- *** A searchable database of Taiwanese web sites in English and Taiwanese.
  • Marbo Securities Consultant
    --*** provides services and information on Taiwan's securities and financial investments.
  • Taiwan Cyberpedia
    --*** providing comprehensive information on living and traveling in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Business
    --*** One of the largest products and business service website in Taiwan. Includes buyer's guide, online business opportunities, company directory, ad more.
  • Taiwan Yellow Pages
    --** Taiwan business yellow page, a yellow pages English data search engine is offered too.
  • Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan
    --**** Excellent introduction to almost all facets of traditional Chinese culture with many photos and some video clips.
  • Taiwan Products On-line
    --****The largest info-packed showcase of China and Taiwan products, manufactuers and suppliers.
  • Taiwan Universal Commerce Information Center
    --*** A valuable search engine. Search products, global trade and financial service. In both English and Chinese Big5.
  • Taiwan WWW Master Index
    --****This is a Taiwan WWW master index provided by Tung Nan Junior College of Technology in Taiwan. There are five categories: government, education and organization, commerce, known unregistered, and overseas web servers of Taiwan. It is also organized by geographical location, alphabetical order, and date of entry at this site. If you are finding web resources in Taiwan, start out from here.
  • Tien Education Center Taiwan
    --** Catholic institution devoted to cultural work, education, publishing (the Kuangchi Press), and religious orgnizations.
  • Taiwan Sources On-Line
    --*** Search products or suppliers of computers, electronics and electrical components made in China's Taiwan.
  • Cyberstage Taiwan
    -- **** Introduces 70+ performing arts groups in Taiwan; includes video, performance schedules, maps, etc.
  • Taiwan, China-- Official website launched by China Taiwan Information Center. Focusing on recent trends of China mainland and Taiwan issues. top

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