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  • Families with Children from China
    -- ****organized to support families who have adopted from China. Also provides resources to help people interested in adopting from China.
  • Alpha Communities
    -- ****Provides holistic relief to disadvantaged families in Mongolia and China.
  • Asiapac -- 100 Celebrated Chinese Women
    -- ****A highly informative and entertaining tribute to some of China's greatest women. Excellent design and navigation.
  • renren.com
    -- *** Free emails, homepages, chatrooms, forums, classifieds, and news for the global Chinese family. In English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
  • China Population Information and Research Center
    -- *** The central tasks of the Center are to carry out the population and family planning researches, especially focus the policy-counseling research on population and development, edit and publish the related publications and other types of information productions, create favorable conditions to develop education and training to make the Center gain greater achievements and train more competent personnel.

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