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  • Chinese New Year Greeting Cards
    --****Let's celebrate this Lunar Chinese New Year in true cyber style.
  • P. F. Chang's China Bistro
    -- ** Come on in and see what makes us the "BEST OF BOTH WORLDS."
  • Lily's Fashion Jewelry
    -- ** Manufactures hair accessories and fashion jewelry.
  • ChinaBuzz.com
    -- ** A Beijing-based, English-language website covering the entertainment and technology industries in China.
  • Animal World
    -- ** Pictures of all kinds of animals offered by an amateur homepage maker and his friends. Be prepared for empty links.
  • China Feed Information Net
    -- **** provides information on animal feeds, veterinary medicines and animal products in China.
  • China - Pictures
    -- **** A variety of pictures covering scenery and life in China. The photos were taken during annual cycling tours, which are organised for small groups of about 30 - 35 participants each year.
  • E-mail Lists for Chinese-related Discussion Groups
  • LOOK4U
    --**** The global Chinese People finder, ideal for searching Chinese names. You can add your own personal information to , or search for someone you are looking for in the database. It is free and open to the public. As of August 1997 there are over 500,000 people's names and e-mail addresses in the database.
  • China: March Toward 2000
    -- **** China as it stands now -- economically, politically, financially, and militarily -- ready with confidence to march into the 21st century. Any one who is interested in China should take a look.
  • Chinese New Year card
    --** Send Chinese New Year card to your friends.
  • China: Kultur Kunst Musik Links
    --*** A very nice site, but in German. Teahouse, Midi, Graphic, and Links. Even so, those cute pictures you can view whether you read German or not and the Links section is in English. (If you insist on read the German text, click here)

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