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  • Chinese Recipes
    -- ****selection of appetisers, main courses, vegetarian, dessert, and side dishes.
  • World Famous Xianju Green Tea
    -- **** Why Xianju Green Tea is the best tea to drink? How to plant the Xianju Rain Forest Green Tea? How to brew green tea? What is the amazing health benefits of Green Tea ... This site will tell you.
  • Hong Kong Dining
    --****listing and reviewing the top 20 restaurants in Hong Kong.
  • Easywok.com
    --****retails and delivers ingredients and food products used for making Chinese cuisine.
  • About.com - Chinese Cuisine
    -- ****A wonderful website of Chinese Cuisine, you can't miss it.
  • Kowloon Chinese Restaurant
    -- ***People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner...
  • Arabica Roasters
    -- ****Freshly roasted gourmet coffee, coffee importer and supplier throughout China.
  • Chopsticks
    -- ****Chinese cookery and recipes from Chopstix.
  • Chinese Home-Style Cooking
    -- ****excellent online Chinese cooking.
  • SOAR Recipes
    -- ****over 900 of Chinese recipes in English.
  • Love at First Bite
    -- ****introduction of different style of Chinese food.
  • Chinese Cooking in a Nutshell
    -- ****offers history, regional styles, and kichen culture.
  • ChineseFood.org
    -- **** Cooking methods and utensils, popular recipes, chopsticks, and dim sum for the Chinese meal.
  • China Beer Guide
    --*** List hundreds of Chinese breweries, malt & barley suppliers, hundreds of links to beer related site worldwide.
  • Little Ma's Recipe Corner
    --**** Chinese dishes appeal to the senses through color, shape, aroma and taste. The China Experience's Recipe Corner teaches you how to cook a new Chinese food every Friday.
  • Chinese ?Recipes
    -- *** Here collects over 1,500 Chinese recipes for Chinese food lovers.
  • TIANJIN Food
  • Chinese Recipe ***
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
    --** an introduction of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.
  • Taste of China
    --**On-line presentation of a very good Chinese cookbook written in English.

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