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  • China Securities Regulatory Commission
    --** **the China's government ministry directly under the State Council, and it regulates the Chinese securities market.
  • EmbOnline.net
    --** directory of embassies in China.
  • Window on China
    --** Personal homepage providing business, government, political, entertainment, arts, culture, philosophy, news, and media links related to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
  • Softwar
    -- *** Military materials between China and USA.
  • British Consulate General in Hong Kong
    -- *** Introduction of British Consulate General in Hong Kong.
    -- *** An official site for Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Coorperation, P.R.C., which is considered the best Chinese Government site.
  • China's Agenda 21
    -- **** China's Agenda 21 strategies, issues, priorities, white papers, institurions involved and ample infos.
  • PLA Forces
    -- *** A brief account of the Chinese People's Liberaton Army, with rich pictures. (Information current till 1997).
  • Asian Games XIII Bangkok
    -- *** Official Site of Asian Games. It contains Asian Games schedules, latest events and rank summary, and history of this international sports events. Take the quiz it offered, you may have the luck to win a free gift.
  • China Charity Federation
    -- ** China Charity Federation (CCF) is a non-governmental charity organization formed as a national legal entity approved by the Chinese government. To help needy individuals and groups by organizing and/or supporting various social assistance programmes and community services.
    -- *** CPO is an institution directly under the State Council and is still entrusted with the governmental function of administering the nationwide patent work. It is the executive organ in charge of the nationwide patent work under the State Council.
  • US Embassy in China
    --**** In addition to providing services to US citizens, it also contains lots of valuable information on economic, commercial, political, and agricultural issues, and culture, science and technology, etc., about China and US.
  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in US
    --**** Provides comprehensive information on China: econmy, trade, politics, education, news, press release, and more. An important original resource you must bookmark if you want to know about China.
  • The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Canada
    --** The official website of the Embassy of China in Canada. Includes the organization chart of the embassy and detailed information on visa application formalities. Here you can also learn some Chinese culture and history knowledge.
  • A s i a n N e t - China Government WWW Sites
    -- This list provides an outline of the Chinese central government's structure with some links, as well as direct links to IHEP's "Tour China" province introductions.
  • NY Consulate of China
  • China Project Hope
    -- a no frame version also available.
  • Macau Government
    --****Probably the best website about Macau, an island city in South China. The site not only introduces Macau's political, administrative and judicial systems but also covers encyclopedic information about Macau including geography, history, culture, travel, health and education.
  • A s i a n N e t - China Government WWW Sites
    -- This list provides an outline of the Chinese central government's structure with some links, as well as direct links to IHEP's "Tour China" province introductions.
  • China Project Hope
    --***Aimed at sponsoring 30 million Chinese primary school dropouts due to poverty to return to school. It provides an all-around perspective of the Project.
  • Postdoctral Program in China
    --*** An introduction of Chinese postdoctral program including information on training, foundation, council and statistics.
  • Chinese Embassy in SA
    -- *** Everything of Chinese Embassy in SA; Everything of South Africa; and more.

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