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  • Hakka Chinese Homepage
    --*** An overview of Hakka Chinese culture, history, and language. It also provides links to other relevant sites as well as a discussion of the World Hakka Congress in Singapore.
  • Chinese Cultural Studies: Concise Political History of China
    --****... Kublai Khan (1215-94). The founder of China's Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty was a brilliant general and statesman named Kublai Khan. He was the grandson of the great ...
  • Condensed China
    --****Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners. Condensed China offers a lively, quirky, and interesting take on the events, trends, and accomplishments of China's past four thousand years.
  • History of China
    --****Includes a timeline and text with pictures; created and maintained by Leon Poon.
  • The Boxer Rebellion
    --****Throughout the nineteenth century, China's emperors had watched as foreigners encroached further and further upon their land. Based upon this background, the boxer rebellion took place.
  • Discovering China
    --****contemporary look into China's cities, leaders, history, and contributions to mankind with pictures, videos, and other information.
  • ChinaExpo
    --****Offers in depth China-related information consisting of 14 chapters. Major sections include Chinese history, culture, travel, trade, finance and investment, and laws and regulations.
  • Classical Historiography for Chinese History
    --*** Exhaustive academic reference materials for the study of Chinese history. Hosted at UCLA Social Science Computing Center. Compiled by Benjamin A. Elman, at UCLA.
  • History of the Educational System of China
    --***Interesting essay providing an in depth history divided into five major periods: Pre-1840 (Imperial Education), 1840-1949 (Opium War - P.R.C.), 1949-1966 (P.R.C. - Cultural Revolution), 1966-1976 (Cultural Revolution), and 1976-present (Post-Mao Reforms).
  • Condensed China: An Introduction
    -- Good. Excellent overall introduction for students of Chinese history.
  • Matteo Ricci, on China
    -- Selections from the journals of Matteo Ricci. 16th Century.
  • Nanjing Massacre
    -- GD FTP site. Pics, articles,...
  • WWW Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre
  • 1997 Countdown to History
    --** On July 1, 1997, the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong becomes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.(by South China Morning Post)
  • **A visual travel to the Chinese past
    -- A selection of photos from the Opium Wars to the 1949 revolution.
  • HK97
    --***HK97 special. Recording news about the return of Hong Kong. Very hot.
  • Hong Kong 1997
    --***Dedicated to the 1997 Hong Kong Hand-over. Contents include Hong Kong history (with pictures), news of current events, City life, Hong Kong Encyclopaedia, etc.

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