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  • Shaolin Kung Fu
    -- *** Learn about the history, philosophy, and styles of the oldest form of martial arts in Asia.
  • Liang-I Shaolin Kung Fu
    -- ***... a lifestyle art, Shaolin 5 animal kung Fu....
  • Chinese Martial Arts, shaolin, Northern China Shaolin Martial
    -- ***... Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, (shaolins.com - shaolins.cc- shaolins.org). ... View Photos of the Northern China area. ...
  • Wushu-Zentrum Hamburg
    -- ***Teaching traditional chinese Wushu, Qigong and Taiji for health, fitness, and self-defense.
  • Wushu&Qigong
    -- ***Martial arts, known in the West as kongfu, is a traditional folk sport. Nanquan is wide-spread in China's southern areas.
  • Qigongcenter.com
    -- ***provides the ancient Chinese art of meditation and physical exercise to promote health, mental well being, martial arts skills and spiritual development.
  • Malaysia and Singapore Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) Resource Center
    -- *** Malaysia and Singapore Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) one-stop resource center. All styles and masters covered. All you want to know about this beautiful ancient chinese martial art. A great self-defence, sport and recreation for all ages (the whole family). Great health, mental and spiritual benefits.
  • Chen Taiji
    -- ** is what all Taiji has progressed from. Chen Style has its roots in 16 different martial arts which gives it a big advantage.
  • Qigong master - Wuzhen
    -- *** qigong, wuzhen, gongfu, taiji, medicine.
  • Qi Journal
    --**** Online version of "Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness". Animations, quizes, charts, etc. make this online version an educational, yet fun experience. Topics include Acupuncture, Herbs, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc.
  • Yang Style Tai Chi
    --* a kind of Chinese Kunfu.
  • Welcome to Tai Chi News Webpage
    --** A Danish magzine on Tai Chi Chuan with English information and articles.

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