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  • On-line Chinese Tools
    -- *** provides tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language.
  • Chinese Language Centre
    -- ***program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Chinese Learner's Alternative Site
    -- *** offers you supplementary learning material on Chinese language and original articles on what's happening today in Chinese language and Chinese culture.
  • WorldLink Education
    -- *** offering Chinese language, cultural, business, and martial arts courses and programs in partnership with universities, government and business organizations in China.
  • Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning
    -- *** Online Chinese Language Lessons.
  • Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
    -- *** Excellent set of lessons on colloquial Mandarin Chinese, by Prof. Tianwei Xie of the University of California,. Very useful and well-organized sentences and dialogues. Good sound recordings. More lessons to follow.
  • Hong Kong Language Learning Centre
    -- *** courses in Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • World Language Resources
    -- **** When you need Chinese or other language software and products, come to this site.
  • ACCESS English - Learn English in Toronto, Canada
    -- ** Study and Learn English in Canada's largest and most exciting city - Toronto. Live with a Canadian family and interact with Canadians. Study at ACCESS and you will learn English quickly and naturally.
  • English - Chinese Dictionary on WWW
    --*** A good online dictionary that supports Big5 and GB codes. Chinese system required to read the output. Great tool when combined with the following - you can copy the characters from this page and paste onto the following page.
  • Chinese Language
    --*** Links to resources useful to students of Chinese. Sites include such topics such as learning Chinese, Chinese language, and Chinese word processing and computing.
  • Ed Jaggard's Chinese Word A Day
    --*** A new Chinese word is added (almost) every day in a frame-based page with archives of previous words and a hypertext dictionary of current and prior words.
  • Speaking Chinese
    -- A multimedia lesson on spoken Chinese for beginners.
  • Animated Chinese Characters
    --***Cool site to learn to write Chinese by watching animated GIFs that draw Chinese characters stroke by stroke.
  • Ocrat Chinese Pages
    --*** Offers Chinese-language Web applications, with a focus on Chinese-language learning for English speakers. Study intermediate-level Mandarin with RealAudio sound clips and transcripts from actual newscasts. Follow links to online Chinese magazines and use a JavaScript application to lookup the pingyin pronunciation of unfamiliar words.
  • Mandarin Language
    --**Get online lessons, read Chinese newspapers, learn slang, study vocabulary lists, listen to sound files and join in live chats in Mandarin. Access software that lets you view Chinese characters on your computer.
  • Chinese Language Mailing Lists
  • Chinese Language Lab
    -- Multimedia. Excellent. Requires RealAudio software.
  • Languages of China
    -- Ethnologue database.
  • HyperChina Interactive Chinese
    --*** a complete course software for learning Mandarin Chinese own your own.
  • China Exchange Center
    --** commercial and educational translations.
  • Chinese Language & Information Magazine
    --* on-line Chinese magazine about Chinese Language and other information, bi-monthly.
  • Chinese Language Educational Software
    --** information about studying Chinese on the WWW and Chinese language educational software.
  • Chinese Program at UC Davis
    --** This site provides online Chinese learning materials, links to Chinese programs of other universities and bookmarks of many useful sites.
  • Chinese Character Pronunciations
    --** helps you find out the Chinese (in GB or Big-5 format) pronunciations (Mandarin and Cantonese).
  • Sinologic Software
    --*** Multimedia and online materials on Chinese language and culture. A China links page is offered too.
  • ***Zhongwen Zipu - Chinese Character Genealogy
    -- This unusual dictionary uses traditional etymologies and a unique series of charts based on them to show the close relationships between Chinese characters.
  • READ Online
    --*Provide online services and information in many aspects about China.
  • Learning Chinese Info
    --*Some information on books and other resources for learning to speak, read and write Mandarin. Hints and tips for learners and some words of encouragement!

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