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  • ChinaLaw Web
    -- **** provide information about Chinese law and the legal system in greater China.
  • China Trade Relations Working Group
    -- *** Contains information about permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) granted to China.
  • China Visa Information
    -- *** Visa information from China embassy in Washington.
  • China Human Rights
    -- ***gives information about China Human Rights.
  • China Legal Net
    -- ***provides information on laws in China.
  • China Law Firms
    -- *** Directory of China's largest law firms. Includes a database of law-related materials.
  • Bilingual Laws Information System
    --*** The official database of the Laws of Hong Kong.
  • Establishment of Law in China
    -- An excellent text-only introuduction to the establishment of the leagal system in China. Courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in Washington. D.C.
  • Database of China Law and Taiwan Law (Li & Partners)
  • Law-On-Line
    -- Fee-based searchable Chinese and Hong Kong law database. From Hong Kong in English and Chinese.
  • PRC Law page
    -- A useful index.
  • China Law
    --** English translations of the laws and regulations about chinese taxation, company, bank & finance, labour..., offered by CBnet.
  • Chinese Law Net
    --**Chinese Law Net (CLNET) is an electronic discussion group, based primarily on a mailing list format, devoted to issues of modern Chinese law.
  • Customs Duty
    --** Customs Duty of The People's Republic of China is the most up-to-date compilation of tariffs, policies, regulations, and practice guidelines of the customs of China.
  • Chinese Law Net Sorted by Thread
  • Law-On-Line
    --** Law-On-Line China law database provides detailed information on China national laws and regulations as well as regional law indexes.
  • Angelo Chen, Chinese Lawyer
    --***Homepage of a Chinese private lawyer providing online legal consulting services. He also maintains a site in Chinese GB code.
  • Chinalaw
    --*** Comprehensive information on China Law. Several important laws explained in details. Valuable for scholars of China Law and related disciplines.

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