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  • Emotion Music (AMusicDay.com)
    -- ****provides Real Audio search, download, and music information, and online radio.
  • Three Wang Sisters' Chinese Center
    -- ***promotes Chinese traditional music, including the music of Guqin and Gu Zheng.
  • Modern Chinese Drama
    -- ****provides a brief introduction to modern Chinese drama, known in Chinese as "Huaju".
  • Music From China
    -- ***Ensemble that invokes the delicacy and power of both traditional and contemporary Chinese music. Instrumentation includes pippa, erhu, bamboo flute, fiddles, and gongs.
  • Unbreakable Spirits
    -- ***Features audio clips from a radio show called "Unbreakable Spirits," a 12-part, half hour radio series that takes listeners to the heart and soul of China's emerging women musical and performance artists.
  • Chinese Music Top 25
    -- *** A listing of the most popular Chinese music related sites on the web today.
  • Faye's Cyberlink
    --*** An extensive home page maintained by a fan of Chinese singer-songwriter Faye Wong Ching-Man, it contains news on the star and information on her musical releases and movies. Also provides links to other Faye sites.
  • Chinese Music Page
    -- Excellent Chinese music index.
  • Index of /pub/multimedia/chinese-music/
  • Music GD ftp
    -- au files of Chinese music.
  • Beijing Opera
  • KunQu (Kun Opera)
    -- Chinese classical drama site.
  • Peking Opera
    --*** introduction to Peking opera, well done.
  • Traditional Chinese Operas
    --** Introduction to Chinese operas: Peking operas, Kun opera, Shaoxing opera, Huangmei opera, Yue opera, Chuan opera, Ping opera, Hebei Bangzi, Henan Bangzi, Chao opera.
  • The Chinese Music Page
    --** A categorized list of Chinese music.
  • China National Syphony Orchestra
  • Chinese Stars Web Page
    --** Stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland.
  • Tang Chao
    --** a famous chinese rock & roll band.
  • Chinese New Music Club
    --*** information about Chinese Rock'n'Roll bands.
  • New Wave Culture Plaza Inc.
    --** online Chinese CD, LD Shopping include Hongkong, Taiwan...
  • The Chinese Channel
    --** a satellite television channel, broadcasting in Cantonese and Mandarin to Europe.
  • Chinese Singers
    --** Chinese famous singers.
  • Corona Club(Entertainment) *** This is the home page of Corona beer in Taiwan, set up by Cottingham & Co., a beer importer.
  • Chinastar
    --** A page for Chinese celebrities: athletes, pop stars...
  • MEO Group (CHINA)
    --** Zax's Music Page - Tang Cao , Dou Wei , Chen Jin , Aiska and more.
  • Chinese Theatre Circle
    -- *** Chinese Theatre Circle (CTC) was established in 1981 with the aim of preserving and promoting Chinese Opera, drama, dance and music.
  • Melody of China
    -- ** is a Chinese music ensemble based in the San Francisco Bay Area offering flexible programs ranging from full-length concert performances requiring more than a dozen musicians to short musical pieces featuring duets and trios.

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