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Great China Herbs
Date: Aug. 13th 2001

... features Chinese herbs introduction, history, encyclopedia, application, testimonial, and doctor's online. ...

New Chinese Art
Date: Aug. 6th 2001

... contains such art categories as paintings, printr, woodcuts, sculptures, photographs, computer images, installations. ...

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Application
Date: July. 30th 2001

... Official site of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee. ...

Families with Children from China
Date: July. 23th 2001

... organized to support families who have adopted from China. Also provides resources to help people interested in adopting from China. ...

China News Services & China News Agency
Date: July. 16th 2001

... posts about fifteen articles each day focusing on the Chinese Central Government and the economy. ...

Tourism in Shandong
Date: July. 9th 2001

... A tour to the key resorts of Shandong. ...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Date: Mar. 9th 2001

... A film by Ang Lee--Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. ...

Date: Mar. 2nd 2001

... retails and delivers ingredients and food products used for making Chinese cuisine. ...

SunTendy America
Date: Feb. 23rd 2001

... Chinese Star version is single-bite ASCII compatible. It supports GB and Big5, Windows 95 and 3.X. Get demo. ...

History of Chinese Bookbinding
Date: Feb. 9th 2001

... explains the different binding styles, with illustrations and examples ...

Asian Film Connections
Date: Jan. 19th 2001

... multilingual resources and information about the cinema of China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan ...

Date: Jan. 12th 2001

... herbal therapy, books, Chinese calligraphy, consultation, and more...

Modern Chinese Drama
Date: Jan. 5th 2001

... provides a brief introduction to modern Chinese drama, known in Chinese as "Huaju" ...

About.com - Chinese Culture
Date: Dec. 29th 2000

... guide to arts, literature, history, games, food, and traditions. Includes chat, forum, news, weekly articles, and more ...

New year's celebration on internet
Date: Dec. 22th 2000

... place for the Chinese Diaspora spread all over the world to gather together, to mingle, share stories, and celebrate ...

Classical Chinese Literature
Date: Dec. 15th 2000

... Chinese Classic Literature and ancient philosophy writings. Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tsu, Chuang Tsu, Sun Tsu, Guigu Zi and classic novels ...

Chinese Martial Arts, shaolin, Northern China Shaolin Martial
Date: Nov. 24th 2000

... Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, (shaolins.com - shaolins.cc- shaolins.org). ... View Photos of the Northern China area. ...

Condensed China
Date: Nov. 17th 2000

Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners. Condensed China offers a lively, quirky, and interesting take on the events, trends, and accomplishments of China's past four thousand years.

The World of Chinese Tea
Date: Nov. 10th 2000

Learn about China and Chinese tea, sections include; categories of tea with descriptions and examples, tea preparation and manufacture, tea history and Chinese legends, alphabetical listings of tea, Chinese / English tea name translations, excerpts from Cha Ching, books and references on tea, Chinese tea cups, YiXing teapots and more.

The Potala Palace at Lhasa
Date: Nov. 3rd 2000

Description and reports from UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

MV Destination Management
Date: Oct. 27th 2000

Information and Q&A from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

China Medicine and Chemicals
Date: Oct. 19th 2000

Pharmaceutical and chemical materials; China medicine provided by Beijing Elee-Nobel Center.

China Ski Corporation
Date: Sept. 29 2000

Organize skiing and boarding trips in China, as well as other tours.

China Healthways Institute
Date: Sept. 22 2000

explains basic principles of Chinese medicine.

The Boxer Rebellion
Date: Sept. 15th 2000

Throughout the nineteenth century, China's emperors had watched as foreigners encroached further and further upon their land. Based upon this background, the boxer rebellion took place.

Virtual China
Date: Sept. 8th 2000

News on technology, finanace and business, also includes company spotlights.

Elliott Bay Antiques
Date: Sept. 1st 2000

specialize in unique 18th and 19th century Chinese furniture and collectibles.

Chuang Tzu: The Next Voice
Date: Aug.25th 2000

writing that is at once transcendental while at the same time deeply immersed within everyday life.

China Graduate School of Theology
Date: Aug.18th 2000

Information of Chinese Theology.

New Chinese Art
Date: Aug.11th 2000

Center for contemporary Chinese art. New Chinese art showcases modern Chinese paintings, prints, photographs, woodcuts, sculptures and installations.

Wan Fung Art Gallery
Date: Nov.5th 1999

A large collection of Chinese fine arts.

Discovering China
Date: Oct.29th 1999

This site has a lot of information about China, its histroy, culture, geography and biograhpies. It was developed by three high school students.

China Avant-Garde
Date: Oct.15th 1999

Art advisory services to private and corporate collectors focusing on the acquisition of important contemporary Chinese art.

Kunming Gate
Date: Sep.24th 1999

Infos about Kunming with Map, Sightseeing infos, Pictures, ICQ - List, Music, Travelinfos, Food and more...

Asia Dragons
Date: Sep.17th 1999

Asia Dragons is dedicated to help people learn more about Asia and the World Wide Web. With over 10 Asian countries' website hosted within Asia Online!, Asia Dragons is a very useful resource to search for Asia related information.

Art Scene China
Date: Sep.3rd 1999

This contemporary Chinese art gallery features a wide selection of modern art from throughout China. Plus- introductions to the artworks by the artists themselves. All works available online.

Marco Polo
Date: August 27th, 1999

provides information on commerce, trade, investment and other related business in China.

IEC World Commerce Trade Network
Date: August 20th, 1999

China and International trade info. You can post buy and sell request for free here.

Come China
Date: August 13th, 1999

Entertainment, travel, culture and other information, directory of China.

Date: August 6th, 1999

Military materials between China and USA.

Date: July 23, 1999

Dedicated to families with children from China by providing children books, music, arts & crafts, cards, and clothing as well as bulletin board discussion.

Date: July 16, 1999

What do you intend to search? There are Company Store, Information Service, Media Service, Trade Library here.

Date: July 9, 1999

The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites About China, you name it, we have it! 1,000+ links to China/Chinese related Web sites, and update everyday.

Date: July 2, 1999

China's search engine and resource guide containing comprehensive China news and information. Its name "Zhaodaola" means "I've Found It" in Chinese.

A Visit To China
Date: June 11, 1999

C-SPAN continues a 10 hour special showing a glimpse of China.

Citybus Terminus
Date: June 4, 1999

providing information on bus routes, fares, in HK and job opportunities.

China's Agenda 21
Date: May 24, 1999

China's Agenda 21 strategies, issues, priorities, white papers, institurions involved and ample infos.

china bridge
Date: May 10, 1999

Link List for China related webpages.

China Media Trade Net
Date: May 4, 1999

has 18 agencies and 125 subscription procuracies in the world, which are in charge of the distribution and promotion of China Media's magazines, CD-ROM and web sites.

Date: April 20, 1999

The ultimate destination as well as starting point for environmental issues in China. News flash, events and conferences, products & projects, nature reserves and many more.

China Internet Travel Guide
Date: April 8, 1999

Comprehensive information on possibly everything you need to know about your next travel to China. There are also a China city guide section on over two dozen cities in China.

Date: March 31, 1999

Cooking methods and utensils, popular recipes, chopsticks, and dim sum for the Chinese meal.

Date: March 18, 1999

Shanghai-ABC provides in-depth information for those living or doing business in Shanghai. Just as they say: to think of the areas in your professional and home life where you will have problems and to provide the solutions to those problems before you even realise they might exist.

World Famous Xianju Green Tea
Date: March 5, 1999

Why Xianju Green Tea is the best tea to drink? How to plant the Xianju Rain Forest Green Tea? How to brew green tea? What is the amazing health benefits of Green Tea ... This site will tell you.

Beijing Review
Date: January 15, 1999

A Chinese Weekly of News and Views founded in 1958 and published in five languages, English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish. It has ever since been a major magazine for the Chinese government to brief foreigners on China's economical, societal and political developments.

Chinese peasant paintings
Date: December 31, 1998

The peasant paintings from artists working in Jinshan Township and Huxian Township are famous in China, and are known all over the world.

Infoseek China News Links
Date: December 25, 1998

provides links to top China news websites.

People's Daily Online (English version)
Date: December 18, 1998

All round China news in English provided by People's Daily, the most read newspaper in China. A new must visit source for any one monitoring China and China-related events.

CNET Hong Kong
Date: December 4th, 1998

CNET Hong Kong has sibling sites in Taiwan and Singapore, and offers material from IT Daily, the Hong Kong online news publication. Broken into sections including news, newsmakers, how-to guides for enthusiasts, downloadable games and a glossary, this site makes for a fun and intriguing visit each time.

Asian Arts
Date: November 27th, 1998

The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.

Asia Friend Finder
Date: October 23rd, 1998

Asia Friend Finder will help you find your perfect match among our 100,000 members, anywhere in the world.

Taoism and Poetry
Date: September 25th, 1998

Dedicated to lovers of asian philosophy and poetry. Take your shoes off and lay down in your favorite armchair: Here you will find the peaceful and quiet pages of the internet.

A China Business Secrets Web Page
Date: September 18th, 1998

This company is promoting business with China, especially in high-tech fields, where Internet is one interest. We use IT to serve our customers, design and host Web pages in Swedish, English and Chinese languages. At our web site, you can subscribe to FREE mailinglists.

Date: September 11th, 1998

A broad, comprehensive country guide on China For Business, Travel, Education, Culture, History, Geography, Fun and much, much more.

HK Futures Exchange
Date: September 4th, 1998

When stock markets everywhere are going down, futures markets are the places to make money. HK Futures Exchange is as always a top choice for futures trading. News, data, membership and more.

98' China Fair for International Investment and Trade
Date: August 21st, 1998

Homepage of China Fair for International Investment and Trade hosted each year on September 8th in Xiamen.

Date: August 14th, 1998

provides translated news from a wide variety of sources in China, original articles on business topics, and analysis by China experts from around the world. There are also a lot of materials for understanding the business climate in China.

NetSource Asia
Date: August 7th, 1998

A leading source for trade information in Asia. Trade leads, business directories, online resources and trade support and services and more.

China Daquan
Date: July 31st, 1998

A comparatively complete reference to China/Chinese-Related infomation with 1,000+ entries, updated daily.

Date: July 24th, 1998

Official Homepage of China Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation. News, business opportunities, laws and regulations, statistics, technology trade and more.

The Tao Te Ching
Date: July 17th, 1998

Read the full text by Lao Tzu, learn what is Tao and maybe you will begin to take a different look at life or even possibly live a different life. Translated by S. Mitchell.

EAS Travel
Date: July 10th, 1998

EAS Travel is a powerful, reliable and attentive tour company featuring both inbound & outbound travel with high quality of service and excellent reputation that has been always admired by clients and partners both in China and abroad.

China: March Toward 2000
Date: June 26th, 1998

China as it stands now -- economically, politically, financially, and militarily -- ready with confidence to march into the 21st century. Any one who is interested in China should take a look.

World Cup 98
Date: June 19th, 1998

Goals, games and gossip. Want to keep track of play in France and connect to football fans worldwide? Well, you've come to the right place.

China: New Resource<
Date: June 12th, 1998

The most current information about Chinese studies and research with materials both in Chinese & English.

Hong Kong
Date: June 5th, 1998

Hongkong backgroud information, economic outlook, business opportunities, daily news, travel and tourism, etc., just for business people who wish to explore business opportunities in the area. Brought to you by the Hong Kong Government Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco.

Tours to China
Date: May 29th, 1998

We are Interlake China Tours. We specialize in custom tours to China. Travel on your own or with a group.

FuQingSheng's photographic exhibition
Date: May 8th, 1998

Offering you quite a few samples of beautiful scences in China. You might also like to view his vivid depictions of Chinese people.

Europe Asia China Hongkong Taiwan Business Info
Date: April 24th, 1998

Europe Asia China Hongkong Taiwan Business: companies, news, jobs, website directory, Asian trade proposals, immigration, emigration, seminars, publishing, Chinese translation.

Yunnan School
Date: April 17th, 1998

The Yunnan School artists developed the exchange of eastern and western artistic traditions. Moreover people say that "The Yunnan School of Art revived China's cultural artistic tradition". View some of the finest artistic pieces in China.

Beijing Page
Date: April 10th, 1998

all you want to know about the home of the Forbbiden City, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Summer Palace.

Date: April 3rd, 1998

Comprehensive information on China Law. Several important laws explained in details. Valuable for scholars of China Law and related disciplines.

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch
Date: March 27th, 1998

Dedicated to raising awareness of Hong Kong's endangered pink dolphins through tours and merchandise.

LUC (Sino-America Bridges)
Date: March 20th, 1998

dedicated to serve you in the extent of international civil and commercial affairs between China and America. Major features include Chinese Adoption, Legal Service for Business, Chinese Translation, and Search Page.

AmCham China
Date: March 13th, 1998

The American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Repubilc of China, Beijing is a non-profit business organization that supports the interests of our members here in Beijing.

Foundry China
Date: March 6th, 1998

China Foundry Association is a unique first class national foundry industry organization in China. The aim of the Association is to promote the progress and prosperity and to serve the common interest of the foundry industry. The site is well designed and has lots of valuable information and resources. The first choice for online China foundry related information.

San Francisco Chinatown
Date: February 27th, 1998

Features its history, important events, restaurant guide, and business guide.

Date: February 20th, 1998

Asiawind hosts a number of websites on Chinese business, technology and culture. Stock market, Hakka, calligraphy, chemical marke.

Global Net of Chinese Township-Village
Date: February 13th, 1998

CTVEs aimed at promoting the business of Chinese township-village enterprises. It also provides other services like web hosting, advertising, finding business representatives and importing and exporting goods.

US Embassy in China
Date: January 23rd, 1998

In addition to providing services to US citizens, it also contains lots of valuable information on economic, commercial, political, and agricultural issues, and culture, science and technology, etc., about China and USA.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in US
Date: January 16th, 1998

Provides comprehensive information on China: econmy, trade, politics, education, news, press release, and more. An important original resource you must bookmark if you want to know about China.

Chinese Art Net
Date: January 9th, 1998

Features many photographic samples of quite a few well known artists from China. You can just take a look or pay to have the original as your own.

Bilingual Laws Information System
Date: December 26th, 1997

The official database of the Laws of Hong Kong.

Sarah Guo's Homepage
Date: December 19th, 1997

Features Chinese MTV Singer page which introduces you to more than 200 singers in Mainland China and their hit songs. There is also a short Chinese History page which gives you a brief idea of China's long history (try to overlook the grammar of a college sophomore). And don't miss the Guestbook, Suzhou and Links sections and more.

HK New Airport
Date: December 12th, 1997

Detailed and well-organized description of the soon to be completed new Hong Kong Airport. Must vist for those who wish to tap the many opportunites there.

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
Date: December 5th, 1997

The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is a major community-based, non-profit organization established in 1965 to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese and Chinese American art, history, and culture in the United States.

South China Morning Post - China
Date: November 28th, 1997

Daily news on China on the Internet from the South China Morning Post.

World Chinese Business Network
Date: November 21st, 1997

World Chinese Business Network is an easy one-stop access to Chinese entreprenuers around the world, their businesses, as well as world-wide trade & investment opportunities.

China Business Net
Date: November 14th, 1997

Provides comprehensive China business information, including China's top companies, China real estate developments, and Chinese projects needing foreign investment. The site also offers China tour, education, and culture contents and links.

China ISO
Date: November 7th, 1997

The ultimate place from where you get to know how China is practising ISO. There are also quite a lot of materials of business value.

Chinese Culture Online Library
Date: October 31st, 1997

A wealth of online collection of Chinese culture materials: literature, arts, book reviews, links to other Chinese culture sites, and more. You can also post your question concerning Chinese culture.

Searching for China: a WebQuest
Date: October 24th, 1997

A Web-based activity that helps secondary school students learn about China. Students take on roles that help them learn about the issues at hand.

A Chinese Cinema Page
Date: October 17th, 1997

Reviews and comments on current Chinese films. Also included are other Chinese/East Asian film links.

Flora of China
Date: October 10th, 1997

Well designed site that offers manuscripts, images, links to searchable data, and other information on the flora of China. Lots of interesting details on China's approximately 30,000 species of vascular plants (one-eighth of the world's flora) for the layman and scientist alike.

Maps of Asia
Date: September 30th, 1997

Looking for maps of an Asian country? This site will give you more than you expected, China, Hongkong, Japan, India, Korea and more.

Homepage of Renju International Federation
Date: September 26th, 1997

Renju, originally called Wutzu or Five-In-A-Row, is one of the most fascinating and challenging games in the world. Its origin is generally traced to ancient China, and its rules are as easy as those for Go game. Here you'll find what you want to know about this enjoyable game, whether you are a begginer or an experienced player.

Hong Kong Wonder Net
Date: September 19th, 1997

Hongkong 100 days of wonders. Live in Hongkong, shop in Hongkong and travel in Hongkong. It couldn't be more exciting! If you do not care much for graphic images, go here.

Hong Kong Standard -- Information
Date: September 12th, 1997

A concise collection of useful links to get information from the Web. Of particular usefulness is its World Online Newspapers section, from where you can visit major online newspapers in the wolrd.

Date: September 5th, 1997

A city directory and travel guide of China. Here, you can take virtual tours of 500 Chinese regions and cities, explore the beauty of China's rivers, lakes and mountains, and learn about China's railway guide. Also included are a one-page university list and a telecode list of about 500 cities.

China Dragon Tour
Date: August 29th, 1997

Features on China's 300 strong attractions, travel-related directories, general China information, recommended tour packages and tourist survival facts including food, hotel, transport and local shopping information.

China Voyages
Date: August 22nd, 1997

China Voyages, a tour company to China & the orient. It specialises in comprehensive guided tours to China, special interest tours, customised itinerary to Tibet, trans-siberia rail etc.

Shandong on Internet
Date: August 15th, 1997

Offers comprehensive and in depth information on Shandong Province, China's third largest province in terms of population. Its main sections include Shandong's history, culture, scenic spots, historical celebrities and catogerized introduction to the province's prosperous and fast-growing economy. There is also detailed information about China's greatest mountain-- Mt.Tai and China's greatest thinker--Confucius.

Macau Government
Date: August 8th, 1997

Probably the best website about Macau, an island city in South China. The site not only introduces Macau's political, administrative and judicial systems but also covers encyclopedic information about Macau including geography, history, culture, travel, health and education.

Beijing Opera
Date: August 1st, 1997

A comprehensive website on Beijing Opera, the most recognized and popular opera in China. Almost all the basic knowledge of Beijing Opera is included here: roles, music and musical instruments in Beijing Opera, arias, dialogues and speeches, face paintings, costume, stage properties, famous actors and actresses, and more.

The Beijing Page
Date: July 25th, 1997

The most comprehensive Beijing information you can find on the web.

US China Business Association
Date: July 18th, 1997

The Association's primary mission is to foster an active network for business professionals who are either engaged in Sino-American trade and investment activities or interested in their promotion.

Animated Chinese Characters
Date: July 11th, 1997

Learn to write Chinese by watching animated GIFs that draw Chinese characters stroke by stroke. There are many categories to choose from. After spending some time on this site, your ability to write Chinese will undoubtedly improve.

HK Connection -- Reuters
Date: June 27th, 1997

Ultimate source of Asia-related news. There are eight categories each with fifty articles. They are: Asian News & Business, Asian Finance, International News and Business, International Finance, News Summaries, Internet, Odd, and Sports. There is also an excellent search engine enabling you to get the latest news from Reuters.

Date: June 20th, 1997

The ultimate site for traditional Chinese therapies. For consumers, it provides a practitioner list, current research efforts, and insurance companies that cover acupuncture. For practitioners, it provides the Industry policies, news, and journals. For students, it provides you the resources for studying alternative Chinese medicine. Also you will find the marketplace situation, book and software reviews, and links to other alternative health care sites.

Date: June 13th, 1997

Your guide to comprehensive information on China, Chinese culture and overseas Chinese. Contents include News, The Land and People, Education and Sciences, Government and Law, Economy and Business, Entertainment, Sports and Martial Arts. Also included are Window on the World, useful information for overseas Chinese, links to other China homepages and more.

Chinese Business World
Date: June 6th, 1997

Chinese Business World is your comprehensive guide to doing business or having fun in China. It is for the serious entrepreneur or the armchair enthusiast, for those of you who are already in China and those just thinking about it. Contents include Daily Commercial News, On-line Hotel Directory and Reservation, China Economy and Market Review, Foreigners in China, Business Guide, Travel Guide, and many more.

Chinese Health Foundation of Australia
Date: May 30th, 1997

The first and only web site on Chinese health in Australa reporting health promotion programs and health resources on Chinese health issues in Australia. Strongly recommended for Chinese living in Australia as well as medical professionals in general with business or research interests in the Chinese community.

Hong Kong 1997 Web Site 
Date: May 23rd, 1997

Dedicated to the 1997 Hong Kong Hand-over. Contents include Hong Kong history (with pictures), news of current events, City life, Hong Kong Encyclopedia, etc. Of all the Hong Kong 97 hand-over theme sites and contents, this one stands out as the most updated, true-to-fact and browsing-worthy.

Hong Kong Business Directory
Date: May 16th, 1997

This site lists Hong Kong manufacturers, traders for different industries and companies that provide local business services. It is divided into two major catergories: Industry Classification and Market Place. The first category is particularly valuable and comprehensive that it can almost be regarded as a "Hong Kong Yellowpage".

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