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  • Speaking-Chinese.com
    --***All Chinese courses of this website are authorized by the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. This site can be best viewed in IE4.0 or above with a screen display 800*600.
  • Worldlink Education
    --***an international student liaison organization based in Beijing, offering a wide range of course programs to students wishing to study in China.
  • Renmin University
    --***specializing in social and humanity sciences.
  • Tianjin University
    --***first university in the history of modern Chinese education.
  • Peking University
    --*** a comprehensive and State key university with emphasis on science and applied science.
  • Searching for China: a WebQuest
    --*** A Web-based activity that helps secondary school students learn about China. Students take on roles that help them learn about the issues at hand.
  • Club of Chinese Students at Monash
    --** In addition to a general profile of the Club, its activities, previous and future events, there is also a Chinese Links section and a place to dowload Chinese Richwin.
  • BiMBA
    -- *** a sino-US high profile MBA program.
  • China Shadow Play Institute
    -- *** A group of lovers of this almost extinct chinese folklore art connected with just the spirit of "researching, promoting and exchanging" this performing art among the people all over the world.
  • China Educational Research Network
    -- ** Home page of CERNET (China Educational Research Network) located in Tsinghua University, Beijing. Links to education, history, culture, economy, politics and tours and entertainment.
  • China Education and Research Network (CERNET)
    -- **** It is to establish a nation-wide education and research network infrastructure to support education and research in and among universities, institutes and schools in China using the up-to-date telecommunication and computer techniques.
  • Yunnan School
    --**** The Yunnan School artists developed the exchange of eastern and western artistic traditions. Moreover people say that "The Yunnan School of Art revived China's cultural artistic tradition". View some of the finest artistic pieces in China.
  • Peking University Education Foundation
    --** Dedicated to strengthen ties between the University and its alumni.
  • Wenlin Institute
    --*** Highly regarded software for learning and using Chinese. Integrated dictionary, text editor, and flashcard environment. Free demo.
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    --*** While a very good resource on C.U.H.K's online institutes, this page also serves as a window onto the "Pearl of the Orient."
  • China Macroregional Analysis Projects
    --** Ongoing demographic, economic, and spatial (GIS) analysis and data from Prof. G. William Skinner's research team at the University of California, Davis, USA.
  • Shandong Univerity Campus Pictures
    -- Shandong university
  • Xiamen University Homepage
    --***Quite a lot of stuff
  • Chinese Universities & Institutes
    -- Comprehensive list. Excellent source.
  • Colleges and Universities in China
    --***Many links of Universities and Colleges in China. Most of them are important ones.
  • China Alumni Net
  • China's Scholars Abroad
    --* This magazine will help you to keep up with the recent developments in China and to provide you with some necessary services and to offer you entertainment.
  • Universities in China
    --** List of universities in China by provinces and cities.
  • South China University of Technology
    --**gives you an all-around view of this quickly-developing university in Guangzhou.
  • Tsinghua University Library Homepage
    --****Must visit!
  • Beijing Library
    --** (Reference) The National Library of China.
  • Beijing Yucai School
    --** a web page of Beijing Yucai School.
  • Teach in China
    -- *** Teaching jobs in China. Discussion board. Freelinks page.
  • China Project Hope-Fund Raising in North America '98
    --*** The site aims at raising fund to sponsor millions of Chinese primary school dropouts in poverty-stricken areas to complete their primary education.
  • ChinaSprout
    -- *** Dedicated to families with children from China by providing children books, music, arts & crafts, cards, and clothing as well as bulletin board discussion.

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